Should You Consider Wall Graphics?

Wall Graphics are beautiful — when they work. A wall graphic not only changes the inside or outside appearance of a building, it can change the entire atmosphere — if it’s done right. Before you consider installing a wall graphic, you should determine the following:

What Do I Need To Know About My Wall?

1. Substrate — the support surface

• Wall board
• Brick, masonry, stucco

2. Application Surface – the vinyl graphic application surface

• Paint, varnish
• Wallpaper
• Vinyl

3. Surface Texture – the variation in surface height

• Smooth – little surface difference
• Medium – highs and lows of equal distance
• Heavy – irregular or extreme highs and lows.

4. Surface Condition – the overall condition of the substrate and application surface

• Unsound or damaged surfaces
• Oily or dusty surfaces
• Moisture behind the substrate
• Car exhaust damage
• Poor paint bond
• Vinyl (vinyl does not adhere well to vinyl)

How Can This Be Determined?

Use a wall test kit. 3M and other vinyl adhesive manufacturers offer these kits. Conduct a paint adhesion test. Once again, 3M and others offer this test. Assess substrate condition and repair all surface damage before applying. The best advice we can offer is to hire a qualified graphics provider to determine this for you.

At TKO Graphix, we use tested and proven 3M and Avery materials. Our tenured on-staff consultants will be happy to inspect your walls, determine their condition, and offer solutions. Just let us know.

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