It’s true. There are so many signs — everywhere.  I believe we take them for granted. Signs give us directions, tell us where to find the mustard, lead us to exits, advertise specials, mark the roads, adorn store fronts, and much more. But what are these signs, how are they made, and what type is best for what purpose?

Common Types of Signs

Architectural Signs — usually built on and around a cabinet, which typically is fabricated out of aluminum, although they can be constructed of masonry. These signs are mostly used for exterior way finders, business signs, and corporate office signs. However, the uses are almost limitless.

Dimensional Signs — may be made with various materials. They are comprised of two or more layers, which adds dimension for a “3D” look. They may be used for interior or exterior signage.

Monument, Pylon, and Pole Signs — freestanding signs in contact with the ground. Although definitions vary, monuments are usually 6-8 feet high, pylons up to 20 feet, and pole signs over 20 feet. A few examples are outdoor civic or community signs, anchor signs for a shopping center, 35-foot truck stop signs — and like architectural signs — the uses are unlimited.

Channel Letters — mostly metal or plastic letters with faces, raceways, and cabinets – all of which may be different colors and materials. Usually attached to a structure, they’re used for storefronts, government offices, and all types of organizations. They may be used on the outside or inside of a building, and may be illuminated or non-illuminated.

Electronic Message Center — use LED lights to digitally deliver a message. They may be based on a monument, pylon, or pole for exterior usage, but are also occasionally used indoors.

Interior Way-finding and Identification signs — may be manufactured from various materials and they include smaller ADA (Americans with Disability Act), office door signs, or large warehouse signs.

There are hundreds of combinations and types of signs including wall, window, roof, marquee, freeway, awning, and canopy signs. Whether it’s one banner or 100 way-finder signs, TKO Graphix is happy to offer our expertise and advice.