Tell me this box truck fleet graphic isn’t eye-catching. It is, isn’t it? Because, whether parked at a customer’s place of business, driving on the freeway, or back at the office, this box truck wrap garners attention. The question is what makes this wrap is so appealing.

The Fleet Graphics

The first attention grabbing component of this wrap design is the use of color; various shades of blue fading to gunmetal gray, mixed with muted blue/gray tones.

Next, the product offering list jumps out at you from the lite blue, soft orange, and exotic green stripe. The contact information rests easily, almost naturally, below the product list, and above the product stripe sits the trademarked name Skyline, in white letters accented in blue.

It’s clear who this vehicle represents—Skyline Exhibits Indiana. And last but not least the tagline does what a tagline is supposed to do, it tells a story, “Helping the World Trade”.

Who is Skyline?

“Skyline Exhibits began business in 1980 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul suburb of Burnsville, Minnesota. At the time, the company consisted of its founder and a K-car. Today, Skyline is a global leader in the exhibit industry with over 100 dealers, representation in 30 countries and has served well over 100,000 clients.”

“Our founder had a financial background, but he had a real passion for design and technology,” stated Bill Derenberger, president of Skyline Exhibits. “His drive to innovate is what fueled Skyline’s growth and it remains at the core of who we are today.” Since its inception Skyline has amassed over 100 product and design patents.” — Skyline About Us History

Skyline offers a variety of products to help corporate marketing efforts and advertising initiatives at trade shows and events. These include portable displays, inline booths, and custom island exhibits.

Have You reached for the Sky?

Do your fleet graphics grab attention, do they share a story, and do they send an effective call to action? If you’re uncertain ask yourself this, when’s the last time a new customer told you they contacted your business because they saw your fleet graphics?

If you’d like to discuss designing fleet graphics that stand out for your business, Contact Us, we’ll put you on display.