My adult children and grandkids live out of state, so I didn’t know a lot about Indy-west Snapology. The more I looked at what they had to offer the more I appreciated what they do. I wish Snapology had been in my neighborhood when my two girls were growing up. Does anyone have any kids they want to loan me so I can introduce them to Snapology? Did I mention the partial wrap looks great?

What is Snapology?

“Imagine an experience that sparks your child’s interest and creativity through robotics, animation, play and interactive learning.  Snapology engages children through activities in our Discovery Center, in the community and in your home.”

Snapology provides the following activities:

This Wrap is Snappy

The partial wrap of the Snapology GMC Terrain gets the job done. Its message is clear and to the point. There’s no mistaking the brand with the legogator logo and branded soft green and orange corporate colors. I especially like the rear window film—Snapology stands out to everyone in front of, beside, or following this vehicle.

Contact information is on every side of the vehicle as well as bullet points of the top three activities they offer: Classes, Camps, and Birthday Parties. With as many things as Snapology offers it would be tempting to list eight, nine, or even ten activities. But if so many of Snapology’s offerings were listed on a moving vehicle, they’d all be lost in the confusion.

Less is More

Posting too much information on a vehicle graphic is easy to do; we see it all the time, but one of the rules of good vehicle graphic design is to remember that most prospects only have seconds to take in the information on a vehicle graphic. It becomes critical for a business to know they’re marketing hierarchy, and then stick to listing the top two, three, or four services.

Do Your Vehicle Graphics Work for You?

The Indy-West Snapology GMC Terrain wrap is an excellent example of the right way to design vehicle graphics. Number one, make certain the brand is easy to distinguish, and number two make the most pertinent information highly visible. If you want a vehicle wrap that snaps, you have to avoid the temptation to overdo it.

If you’d like to learn what we can do for your fleet, Contact Us, we’ll make your vehicles snap, crackle, and pop! And if you want to give your children the time of their lives call Snapology at 317-741-6360.