The Snappy Services pick-up truck wrap was a fun job to design, fabricate, and install. And Snappy Services is an excellent business to partner with. Thank you!

Who is Snappy Services and What Do They Do?

For more than 20 years Snappy Services has been serving residences and businesses in around Indianapolis. From their office at 2040 S. Lynhurst Drive, they’ve fixed leaks, installed water heaters, and cleared drains day and night. And they do more than that.

“Over 20 years of experience providing fast and affordable service! At Snappy Services, LLC we stand behind all our work!

 Specializing In:

  • Plumbing (Residential and Commercial)
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Lines
  • Drains
  • Sewers
  • Excavation
  • Sump Pumps
  • Rehabs
  • General Construction (Siding, Windows, Roofing)
  • Concrete” – Snappy Services

The Wrap

The Snappy Services pick-up truck wrap is a full wrap. The first thing that captured my eye were the pipes. Pipes with connectors flow from front to back (or is it back to front? I’m not a plumber.) And not only do the pipes grab your attention but they send a message that this truck’s used for plumbing. That’s clarified by listing several of the services offered by Snappy Services.

I like how the phone number is displayed. It’s framed by an oblong background that’s placed obliquely over the black stripe that divides the cab which, is wrapped in white, and the bed which is wrapped blue. The contact information, web address and phone, are displayed on every side of the vehicle. They’re easy to find and easy to read with accessible fonts with good color contrast. This wrap is fun, informative, and complete. It gets the job done.

How Can We Help You?

TKO Graphix has been designing, fabricating, and installing vehicle graphics since 1985. We know what we’re doing, and with your help we can deliver the vehicle advertising your business needs. If you have any questions, Contact Us, we can help you drive your brand home.

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