How long a company has been in business can be misleading. A new plumbing business can have years of experience while an old business can be inexperienced. For example, last year while shopping for a new furnace, a company with more than 50 years in business sent a 19-year-old “expert” who was only beginning his technical training (he hadn’t taken his first exam). This so called expert proceeded to tell us what we needed and left us in January with our furnace off.

When we told him we’d consider his offer he was visibly upset that we didn’t sign on the dotted line. His parting words were, “It’s good you have a fireplace since your furnace won’t come back on!” My wife relit the pilot light. The furnace was fine. Another company sent an experienced technician who gave us several options at less than half the cost of the previous estimate.

It’s not How long; it’s How Experienced and Honest that Matters

Sometimes, longevity does make a difference, for example, TKO has many employees with 25 and 30 years of experience, but here’s the point I want to get to.

35 Years of Experience

Stan’s Plumbing has been in business ten months, but he has 35 years of experience. He knows what he’s doing.

Stan believes in, “Honesty, integrity, and professionalism” and he’s ready to serve central Indiana. Stan’s Plumbing works primarily with homeowners and they aren’t afraid to work in high-end residences. They have the qualifications to do it right the first time, and they use top notch products like AO Smith water heaters. 

The Decals

The decals were designed by TKO designer Bryan Merrill. Bryan has only been with TKO for less than five years, but he has years of experience. He has designed decals for motorcycles, golf carts, and specially cars and trucks for more years than he’ll admit to. Most of his work before TKO has been air brush; he still does this in his shop nights and weekends. While TKO Graphix might work with adhesive and not paint, Bryan’s design experience translates. You can see it in how he used pipe to create the Stan’s Plumbing logo.

If you’d like to contact Stan for your plumbing needs call him at 317-242-9745.

If you’d like to learn about what we can do for your vehicle Contact Us, we’ll make sure they’re no leaks in your design.