Phillip Sturm Plumbing of Robinson Illinois came to us with a blank canvas. Phillip is a self-employed plumber, and his canvas was his work truck. The question is what should his canvas be filled with? We had some pretty good ideas but first we needed to know more about Sturm Plumbing.

Who is Your Target Audience?

For Sturm it’s residential and commercial clients in the greater Robinson, Illinois area.

What Are the Top Three Services Sturm Plumbing Offers?

Why the only the top three, why not list everything Sturm Plumbing does? Because on a vehicle graphic passersby’s have only a few seconds to get the message as they drive past the fleet vehicle. For Sturm Plumbing the top three services they offer are:

  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Backflow Testing and Cross
  • Connection Control

How Can Trust be Established?

If a prospective customer sees the Sturm Plumbing work truck parked next door, chances are they’ll need a plumber someday. Most homes in any neighborhood share common problems. But how in a matter of seconds can trust be established? Consumers want to know two things when working with service providers for their homes. Does the provider know what they’re doing and will my home be protected? A good way to add credibility and develop trust is to add licensed and insured to the vehicle graphic design.

What About a Logo?

It’s important that a logo be designed to stand out and fit the brand. The Sturm logo does just that. Here’s how to design a logo that works.

Contact Information

This was easy, the Sturm Plumbing phone number takes center stage. Easy to find, easy to read, and easy to remember.

How Can We Capture Attention?

How to capture attention? To begin with the use of color and contrast, blue to white with a green swope between, but that’s just the start. Pipes, and connections, and more pipes ramble around the vehicle. It’s hard to miss, attracts attentions, and tells a story. What’s the story? The story is this is a Sturm Plumbing work vehicle!

Another key to a great vehicle graphic design is to hire a professional designer. TKO Graphix designer Bryan Merrell did a masterful job creating this one of a kind design.

What Story Do Your Fleet Graphics Tell?

What do your fleet graphics say about your company. Do they tell a story, send a message, and capture attention? If not we can help. Contact Us. If you’d like to know more about Sturm Plumbing check them out – Sturm Plumbing Facebook.

If you’d like a free estimate for your fleet or vehicle graphics; you can Request A Quote.

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