Look around your organization. How many plain plastic, wood, or glass top tables can you identify? Where are these tables? Are they in the customer lounge, employee break room, or in a brick and mortar retail setting? How many table top opportunities do you recognize?

Table Tops can be used in Multiple Ways 

Table top graphics are an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your brand. They can be used on trade show tables to add uniformity to the display. Retail outlets can use them on display tables, and many restaurants have them at every setting. Done right, table top graphics are an attractive, attention-grabbing display, which is certainly better than a plain white table top.

They’re Easy to use

Self-adhesive vinyl will attach to most table top surfaces such as wood, glass, and plastic. With digital printing, any logo or image can be recreated to fit the format and area. It’s an opportunity to outshine the competition and enhance brand unification.

The Pros Use Them

It’s also a chance for any small business to look like the big boys. For example, many national restaurant chains have branded table tops. It’s part of the experience, part of the ambiance, and for less than most advertising initiatives any mom and pop restaurant can do the same.

It’s a good Use of Advertising Dollars

Organizations spend thousands on media and print advertising, from billboards to banner ads—not realizing that table tops are a great way to share their message. A table top not only can be used for brand unification, sharing logos, and catch phrases, but it can be used to support initiatives, broadcast calls to action, or share vision and mission statements.

Should you Use Table Top Graphics?

If you have tables, with tops, and people sit at them, walk by them, or stand next to them—the answer is…yes, of course you should. Table top graphics add style and pizzazz to a break room, professionalism to a trade show display, and create an atmosphere in restaurants and other retail outlets. They can be used on the smallest display tables or the largest conference tables indoors and out. They work for business to business, business to consumer, and not for profit organizations. Table top graphics can be used for branding as effectively as traditional methods of advertising. If you’d like to learn more let us know, we’re on “top” of this.