The 59-Second Lesson

Challenge – A Faded Vehicle Wrap

A small business owner brought his work vehicle to TKO to inquire about repair, which had a faded graphic installed by another graphics provider. He brought it to use because the graphics provider who completed the installation was no longer in business. Unfortunately, the material used had a very limited warranty. It covered fading, but did not cover removal or installation of the failed graphic.

Solution – Research Warranties From Graphics Providers

For example, 3M offers three warranties on its vinyl adhesive materials, 3M Basic, 3M Performance Guarantee, and 3M MCS. MCS is the only 3M warranty covering qualified removal and installation of materials. Be sure the graphics provider qualifies and offers the MCS warranty. Also, determine if the material and application are covered for your usage.

The Following Is From The 3M MCS Brochure:

Remedy: Credit or replacement of all 3M materials used in the graphic. Certain fleet and vehicle graphics may also have a labor reimbursement component. (Once again, be certain your graphic is covered.)

Labor:  For a limited number of products and applications, as stated in specific individual Product Bulletins, 3M may provide labor coverage to remove, remake and reapply failed graphics.

Removal: If a film identified as removable or changeable cannot be successfully removed, or an excessive amount of adhesive remains on the surface, 3M will reimburse the purchaser for reasonable, documented additional removal labor costs.

The Result

The result for the small business owner who came to us was not good. The choices? Live with the faded vehicle wrap, which makes the company look unprofessional, or spend the money to replace the wrap. In this case, a cheaper permanent material was used. The cost to remove the damaged wrap and install a new wrap was not under warranty. Like many things, the result of going cheaper was costing more.

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