So, how do you play it safe with fleet graphics? The Accredited Safety fleet graphics does just that. Playing it safe begins with understanding the messages you want to send and the hierarchy of those messages. Next, you must design a graphic that captures attention. And then make it easy to find the information even at 65 MPH. The Accredited Safety fleet graphics do all that and more.

Who is Accredited Safety?

“We focus on comprehensive training for rigging, signal and crane applications but offer many other training and certification classes. Our staff members previously served as voting members on the ANSI A10 Construction and Demolition and American Society of Mechanical Engineers B.30 committees. Accredited is listed on the NCCCO website to perform training, practical exams, as well as certified crane inspections nationally and for the State of Indiana.

Accredited Safety Solutions

We believe in a “hands-on” practical application approach to safety. Many safety consultants use only visual presentations for training and as a result the students often fall short in practical on-the-job usage of the training.  Accredited will provide practical application training as well as up to date classroom materials in order to provide the most comprehensive training available in the industry today. We have a staff of instructors that hold the CHST to CSP and most importantly, they all have construction building experience.” — About Accredited Safety

The Accredited Safety Fleet Graphics

What makes the Accredited Safety fleet graphics stand out? First, this is a good-looking design. The red truck with the crane backdropped by a setting sun grabs your attention. Isn’t that what a fleet graphic should do? Next, the most important information draws the eye. For example, the logo on the back window begs the question, “What does Accredited Safety do?” Which, is answered in the vertical bullet points on the doors.

  • Crane Certification Training
  • Certified Crane Inspections
  • Rigging Inspections
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Testing Services

Then to make the information even easier to find, three of the services line up horizontally on the bottom of the door. The lettering in white, and in black with white shadowing, contrasts well against the red background. Both doors, and the rear tailgate share the phone and web address.

The tagline brings a smile to most faces, “We do the training, you do the craning.” The yellow CCO emblem on the door adds credibility. It represents the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. All in all, this design is an excellent example of what fleet graphics should look. The Accredited Safety fleet graphics get the job done!

How Can We Help You?

How can we help you? Do your fleet graphics get the job done? Do you vehicles send a message, unify your brand, and advertise your products and services? If not, we can help.

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