Every department in an organization is important. The quality and timeliness of any divisions work directly affects every other department and ultimately impacts the customer. At TKO, we strive to make customer impact favorable. Design, print, and application are all critical to a satisfactory customer experience. Customer service, accounting, and sales all can make or break a customer’s opinion of our product and services. And although Finishing may be unknown to clients it makes a big difference in the final product.

What is finishing?

Finishing is the process of preparing adhesive vinyl graphics for shipping and installation. After the graphics are printed, they’re routed to finishing. Here’s what’s done.

Weeding – Weeding is the process of removing unwanted areas of the print. For example, the vinyl around letters is removed leaving only the letters. It’s a tedious and painstaking operation. It’s also tremendously important. Weeding must be exact with nothing damaged or removed unintentionally. Removing even one letter ruins a decal.

Pre-masking – Premask is a wide version of masking tape used to cover and protect adhesive vinyl graphics. There are many different types of premask used for different vinyl materials and inks. For example, there’s one premask used with a liner (backing), another for prints with no liner, and still another for thermal pressed screen prints. Using the incorrect premask may cause it to adhere too tightly to the graphic and damage the print or conversely not adhere leaving the print exposed to damage. Applying premask is a skill. When tension isn’t evenly applied, creases may form which can ruin the print.

Cutting – Precisely following layouts can reduce installation challenges. For example, bullet points are usually placed equal distances, but if they’re cut individually, it may be difficult to place them correctly.

Re-cutting – Occasionally, sections of a graphic may need to be replaced due to a change or damage. It’s extremely important to place all letters and images in the exact location intended.

Is it finished?

Without the TKO Graphix Finishing Department, our wraps and decals wouldn’t be…finished. The Finishing Departments attention to detail helps TKO Graphix met customer expectations. It ain’t finished ‘till it’s finished. If you’d like to learn more about our operation or tour the TKO facilities and watch the team in action Contact Us.