Good friend Bobbie Garner is helping the Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County wrap one of their vehicles, and Health Care Professionals Credit Union are sponsoring the vehicle graphics. Bobbie mentioned, “Their board asked several times — What is the process of vehicle graphics? It would be really great if there was a simple post about what to expect.”

Thanks Bobbie — here you go…

The process of vehicle graphics is simple. As long as it isn’t complicated by lack of preparation.

1. Artwork — Do you have artwork? Do you need design assistance? Because even experienced designers sometimes struggle with taking a two-dimensional design and making it work three-dimensionally. Therefore, the design process can be a submit-review-adjust process. Give yourself time to make changes and work with your provider’s design team. Don’t wait until the last minute.

2. Production — Scheduling production will depend on several factors, including type and quantity of vehicles. A complete wrap will require more time than a plotter cut decal, and the number of orders ahead of yours will make a difference. Production timeframes should be discussed at the beginning of the process.

3. Installation — Once again, this should be discussed up front. Will it be installed at the provider’s facility, or the customer’s place of business? Is there an additional charge for on-site installation? Time frames will vary by vehicle and graphic; for example, a standard van can be wrapped in a day, although TKO likes to have two days to cover contingencies. Always allot extra time, and as always, don’t wait until the last minute.

Be Prepared, Not Surprised

You’re probably not a graphics expert, so how do you avoid surprises? It’s important to ask questions in advance. Truly, the only dumb question is the one left unasked. Here are 10 Questions You Need to Ask About Fleet Graphics.