The color palette on vehicle graphics is one of the most important ingredients of a successful vehicle wrap. There’s a lot to consider when discussing vehicle graphics color, and the psychology of color is one of them. But before we get to that, let’s look at some of the other color considerations.

What Goes into Choosing Vehicle Graphics Color?


Most vehicle graphics are a combination of colors. A partial wrap will include the color of the car or truck. The key is for the font to contrast well with the background otherwise the message is lost. What Color Should I Wrap my Business Vehicle?


Colors can inform your audience as to your industry. Have you ever noticed that most fast food restaurants use a combination of red and yellow or financial institutes use primarily blue and green? Using a color palette inappropriate for your industry can send the wrong message.


It’s important that fleet graphics are part of the overall marketing campaign. They should reflect the image presented through other media by supporting branded colors.

Color Psychology and Vehicle Graphics Color 

Colors communicate to all of us, but the first thing to know about the psychology of color is that everyone doesn’t react the same to any given color. People have personal color preferences. My favorite color is purple what’s yours?

Our cultures influence color preferences for each of us. For example, in some cultures, an end of life celebration calls for bright colored apparel in others black is the acceptable attire.

Our environment may affect color choice as well. If our parent’s loved pink, we may love it or hate partially due to our parents influence. The same holds true for the color of our bedroom growing up, our schools, our favorite sporting teams logo, and more.

Gender is also part of the equation, men and women have different preferences in color.

How we as individuals perceive color varies from the extreme of color blindness to how we see the color spectrum. Remember the dress a few years ago that to some looked white and gold while others saw black and blue?

What Colors Say

Yellow – Is the color of the sun. It’s bright and cheery. It grabs attention and exudes energy and optimism.

Red – Is youthful, bold, and full of energy.

Orange – A combination of red and yellow, communicates confident and creative. It shares a sense of enthusiasm as does yellow.

Purple – Is the color of royalty. It portrays power and wealth as well as wisdom.

Green – Is the color of mother earth it says everything is peaceful and healthy.

Blue – The the color of the sky. It stands for strength, stability, and trustworthiness.

Black – The color of night is mysterious and at the same time elegant and powerful.

If you’d like to read further about the psychology of color try this article from Psychology Today.

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