The Winslow Hypnosis Chevy Equinox wrap touched me when I saw it. Last week a friend told me about the passing of a former co-worker. She and her ex-husband had both worked under my leadership more than twenty years ago. I had lost touch with her a few years back but see her ex-husband often. I recalled a cookout in my backyard with just the four of us, and a Christmas party at my home. She was upbeat, positive, and quick to laugh, and now she was gone. COPD took her at 46 years of age.

When I knew her, she always had a cigarette in her hand. She never quit. As I understand it even in hospice, on oxygen, she continued to vape. When I received this news, I had just looked at the Winslow Hypnosis Chevy Equinox wrap. I couldn’t help but wonder, could hypnosis have saved Sheri’s Life?

A Long Term Smoker  

“Sheri Medcalf was due to be released from respite care at the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home just days after her 46th birthday, but she never made it home. Medcalf was sitting on the patio off her room at the northeast-side care facility on a June day. She was tethered to an oxygen tank, sipping a Mountain Dew and smoking an e-cigarette. She had been transferred to the home for short-term recovery after being treated at Eskenazi Hospital for end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

This is my vice

“This is my vice,” she said, pointing to the Mountain Dew, “and vaping.” The latter helps her stay away from cigarettes. “If I would have kept smoking, I probably would have died by now.”

“I tried to quit many times. I would want a cigarette so bad I would cry. If I gave in and smoked, then I would cry too. But when it’s made completely clear to you that if you don’t stop now, you’re gonna die …”

The sentence hangs there, and she takes another drag on her e-cigarette.” — Abbie Hunt Bryce Home offers kindness to longtime smoker

Why Hypnosis?

“World-renowned hospitals utilize hypnosis to help their patients remove unwanted habits and addictions, and to dial down or remove pain at will. Hypnosis Let’s You Retrain Your Brain. Modern science proves hypnosis can help you to gently retrain your brain to accept new wanted behaviors and emotions through the power of suggestion.” — Wall Street Journal: A new prognosis for pain care.

 Why is this a good thing?

“Because our perception is how we experience the world, and emotions play a major role in how we formulate our perceptions. By working with a hypnotist with advanced training, you can scrub away old ideas and emotions and replace them with new ones. Including the most basic of all experiences – how you feel pain.” — Winslow Hypnosis

Who is Winslow Hypnosis?

Dr. Skye Winslow is a state and nationally Board Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt). She is a graduate of the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America. The Academy’s 500-hour classroom training program is one of the nation’s most demanding hypnosis training schools. In fact, HAA graduates are the only hypnotherapy graduates hired by the United States Veterans Association.  Dr. Winslow is a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH).”  — About Winslow Hypnosis 

The journey began with an illness  

The story begins with the diagnosis of a tumor.

“I got sick really fast. The surgery went well, it was a benign tumor,” Winslow said. “But I had a lot of complications. I gained about 100 pounds in four months from all the steroids. I developed Cushing’s syndrome, so it collapsed my adrenal system. For 5 1/2  years, I traveled the country trying to help me find what would make me better … “I tried everything to get better I have a wall of (certifications) of these things that didn’t work.

I have significant balance issues and profound dizziness. It feels like I’m walking on a merry-go-round. I wanted to find a way to talk to that part of my brain that I’m not falling down, quit killing me. Nothing worked until she learned hypnosis provided relief, lowering her cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid hormone made by adrenal glands. “I am able to walk without thinking I’m falling,” Winslow said. “I can walk without a walker now.”

A TV Anchor

“Winslow, 57, met her husband, WTTV-4 anchor Bob Donaldson, when they both were working at a TV station in Beaumont, Texas. Winslow was an anchor on PM Magazine in Beaumont, Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City. She was a news anchor for the evening news in Terre Haute and worked as freelance fill-in anchor at both WTHR-13 and Fox 59” — — Finding balance: Former TV news anchor opens hypnosis practice to help herself, others

The Winslow Hypnosis Chevy Equinox Wrap

The purpose of a vehicle wrap is to grab attention, hold it, and share a message. That’s what the Winslow Hypnosis Chevy Equinox wrap does. The contact information, phone number at the top of the doors, website near the bottom. A clear call to action. “Stop Smoking with Hypnosis.” And the rear window graphics all send a message.

However, there is nothing clearer than a cigarette being ground out into the side of the vehicle. If that doesn’t grab your attention and send a message, I don’t know what will. Everything about this vehicle wrap works. I only wish my old friend Sheri had seen it and got the message.

If we can help you share your message like we did on the Hypnosis Chevy Equinox wrap, Let us know because there’s somebody out there that needs to hear it.