TKO Team Talk is a chance to get to know us—one team member at a time. It’s a glimpse behind the curtain. In this series, we ask individual teammates four questions. The questions are designed to share insights into the family of TKO companies and reveal a little about the people behind the brand.

Mike Roessler, 27.5 years, QC/Distribution Supervisor

Why do You Work at TKO?

I started 27 years ago basically because I just needed a job, but once I started in the graphics field, I truly enjoyed the work and diversity. The market changed a lot back then and still changes today. There’s a lot of new technology, but the old school style and skills are still there after all these years. Being in from the ground level of the company I have got to watch TKO grow and through good times and bad. After all that has changed, there’s one factor that remains—it’s how Tommy has always treated people within the company. He treats employees as people and not numbers. This has rubbed off on all of us. From top to bottom, the people I work with give TKO a family feel and that is why I work at TKO.

What’s Your Funniest Work Story?

It’s classified…I have so many so I’ll just tell the GREAT CHICAGO FIRE story. Gary, Denny, Rodney & I were at a closed shop in Chicago stripping trailers and it was one of Denny’s first assignments so I was showing him how we could strip decals with either chemical spray or fire. Well, I got the fire a little too close to the chemical and lit the whole side of the trailer on fire.  Now remember, this shop was closed down so no heat, cool, or power.  I jumped off the scaffold and ran to grab the hose reel and came back to spray and found NO WATER either. Thankfully it burned itself out very quickly with no damages, and I remember to this day when I asked Denny why he didn’t help me he just said, “I thought you knew what you were doing, and this was how you stripped them.”

What are Your Hobbies and Interests?

I like playing sports, hanging with friends/family enjoying some adult beverages, flea market & garage sale shopping (JUNK DRUNK), riding my Harley and most of all hanging with my wife and 3 kids as they are each very different in their hobbies & demeanors which keeps us very busy.

 What Would You Like to Add?

From top to bottom this company has amazing people with great vision and the fact that upper management interacts with production to continue to grow this company and give people opportunities made me proud to be a part of it for the past 27 years. I know it hasn’t always been easy but I appreciate the sacrifices that have been made to keep this company rolling and for that I’m very grateful to Tommy and all of upper management who continue to steer this ship.

If you have any questions for our teammate Mike, please leave a comment or contact Mike at 1-888-544-8051. He’d be happy to share.