TKO Team Talk is a chance to get to know us—one team member at a time. It’s a glimpse behind the curtain. In this series, we ask individual teammates four questions. The questions are designed to share insights into the family of TKO companies and reveal a little about the people behind the brand.

Nate English, Screen Print Manager, 7 year’s

Why do you Work at TKO? 

An injury years ago as a carpenter sent me into a career change, as an artist.  I wanted to be in the art field, the graphics industry was the logical choice, coming from another graphics company that was closed down Tom gave me the chance to prove myself to TKO, and this has been the best move I’ve ever made.

What’s Your Funniest Work Story? 

Knowing all the people at TKO as we all do there are more than can be listed, don’t really have one that stands above the rest.

What are Your Hobbies and Interests? 

My art, gardening, camping, Colts football, Cubs baseball, my Harley-Davidson, oh and a beer around the campfire.

What Would You Like to Add?

For those who took the heart scan that ownership offered, and had a problem found, will understand when I say the TKO family with that one offer has, I believe, extended my life. Three stints later, I am and will always be thankful to TKO for caring about their employees the way they do. I have never worked for a company that cares that much.



If you have any questions for our teammate Nate, please leave a comment or contact him at 1-888-544-8051. He’d be happy to share.