Fleet graphics aren’t only a big expense they can end up being a big mistake. Graphics that don’t help an organization share their message aren’t cost effective. Fleets that aren’t part of the overall brand, adhesive vinyl failure, improper installation, and poor design can all damage a company’s reputation and image. With that in mind, here are our top ten fleet graphic do’s.

Top Ten Fleet Graphics Do’s

10. Do ask the provider about the warranty. Learn what is covered and what isn’t. For example, is the application included in the guarantee or only materials?  What is the Warranty on a Vehicle Wrap?

9. Do learn about the materials recommended. Have they been tested to last as long as they’re needed? Will they conform to the fleet vehicles correctly?

8. Do consider value not just price. My father always said, “Be careful, something can always be made worser to beat a price.” How much does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

7. Do ask the graphics provider for referrals, testimonials, and their portfolio.

6. Do vet the provider. Check years in business, accreditations, and certifications.

5. Do use trained experienced adhesive vinyl applicators. How to find the best vehicle graphics installers.

4. Do proofread the layout. Don’t skimp over this. The best practice may be to have several people from various departments check this document.

3. Do use professional vehicle graphics designers trained in 3D applications. Who should design your vehicle wrap?

2. Do double check vehicle measurements. Don’t rely solely on templates. Whenever possible have an experienced consultant take measurements and if that’s not possible, take photos.

And the Number One Top Ten Fleet Graphics Do’s is … Drum roll, please!

Make a logistics plan before the process begins. A fleet of vehicles is a working entity—it’s a profit center, and the longer vehicles are off the road, the more it costs the company. Case Study: Rebranding 4,000 vehicles nationally and doing it after hours.

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