The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 1,685,210 new cases of cancer in America by the end of 2016. Of those cases, 595,690 will be fatal. — Cancer Facts and Figures 2016. Keep in mind these are new cases not preexisting. Cancer touches almost everyone, and if it hasn’t touched you, the chances are it will.

At TKO Graphix many of our team members have been touched by cancer. We asked team members if they’d like to share their story by answering a few questions. Here’s Sandy’s story about friend Michelle.

Who are you honoring?

My bestie Michelle Cook

What story would you like to share?

Michelle and I became friends in 2011. We started as co-workers working for the same bank. There was an instant connection, and I knew I had built a friendship that would go on long after the bank. Michelle is one of my closest friends, and we have built MANY memories over the years.

As far as a story… Michelle and I had lots of giggles while at work. She is the type of person that can make anything entertaining. Our tradition is going to the gift and hobby show together every year, and another memory that comes to mind is our girl’s night out singing along to the Spice Girls.

The memory that sticks out the most, I would say is when we went and saw Duck Dynasty in person in Columbus, Indiana. Yes, you read correctly I am a HUGE fan of Duck Dynasty. I purchased two tickets and had no one that came to mind that would be interested in going. Then I told her I just purchased tickets and would go by myself if needed. I soon found out that she too was a big fan of Duck Dynasty. Just another reason I love her. We had a great time and lots of screaming for Si.

What does participating in Real Men Wear Pink mean to you?

I love that as a company we can give back to the community and organizations such as finding a cure for breast cancer. Everyone has done such a great job and Chris (Hurley) has spent so much of her personal time making sure all this comes together.

What would you like to add?

I met Michelle after she had beat cancer but it never really leaves her. Every time she goes in for a checkup part of her is terrified. I hope with the money TKO helped raise we can make a difference and find a cure so people like Michelle can live peacefully knowing there is a cure.

Help Save Lives

If you’ve been touched by cancer, help us fight this war. If the prospect of more than one and one-half million new cases of cancer in 2016 touched you, then help us help The American Cancer Society. Go to  TKO Graphix Real Men Wear Pink Thank you.