First, let me start by saying if you’re sick or in a susceptible population – stay home. However, if you’re healthy and can help, there are jobs during COVID-19 where you are needed. You can earn an income and be a hero. It’s not only health care professions that are putting themselves in danger for all the rest of us but many others as well. All are my heroes. There are jobs during COVID-19 that need heroes. Grocery store clerks, pharmacy staff, food delivery people, truck drivers, and more are keeping the rest of us supplied during this pandemic. Thank you.

Last week I donated blood. The person who completed the questionnaire with me was a single mom. She shared that she made ends meet by working at a restaurant evenings and weekends. She had just been laid off and didn’t know what she would do. I let her know that several businesses with locations in our area were hiring. Grocery stores needed help, warehouses, and logistics firms, to name a few. She thanked me and said there was a grocery within walking distance of her apartment. She was going there to apply that evening. I told her in my book that made her a hero.

You may have lost your job and feel lost. And there might not be a job that fits you, but there are jobs. On the local morning news, I saw a young man who had lost his position as a bar manager discuss getting a job as a food delivery person. It wasn’t what he was trained to do, but it paid the bills, helped support his family, and may save someone’s life.

Here are a few Examples of Businesses Looking for Heroes   

Hospitals across America are feeling a staffing strain. From housekeeping to Doctors, the shortage of personnel is real. This is the front line, and they need help. If you’d like to be part of the battle, contact your local healthcare facility.

Trucking companies not only need drivers but support staff as well. Check with your local logistics firms for openings, and if you have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License), they could certainly use your help.


Amazon will fill 100,000 jobs nationally during the pandemic. When I went to their site, and checked in my local area. I found warehouse and shopper jobs starting at $17.00 per hour. The online job search site was easy to use and to understand. I didn’t have to jump through hoops to find the positions I was looking for.


My local Kroger is hiring for shoppers to fill curbside orders. If you haven’t used this service, you should consider it. My wife ordered online last Friday, and she picked it up Monday at noon. She parked in a designated numbered space, and then called a specified phone number. They asked which parking space she was in and brought the groceries. My wife popped the trunk, and the Kroger associated loaded the bags. Locally, this position pays up to $12.00 per hour.

Kroger is also looking for stock associates (I did this in my youth) as well as pharmacy, delicatessen, and warehouse personnel.

I found their online web application process user friendly,


Walmart is hiring but it was difficult to gather any information from there online careers site, It showed jobs in the greater Indianapolis area, but most were outdated. For example, there was a position listed for a stocker/backroom receiving associate, but it was posted in August of 2019.

I had a prescription to pick up at my local Walmart drive-through. I’ve grown to know the staff over the last couple of years. The pharmacist assistant, Marcia said hi and when we completed the transaction, I asked if she had time for a question. She did. I asked if her store was hiring and she told me they were. I asked the best way to contact, and she suggested to call the store.

And More Jobs During COVID-19

Here are sites for a few more businesses looking for help, but don’t stop here. If local businesses are helping in the war on COVID-19, check with them. They need heroes too.


Jobs Walgreens

Whole Foods 

FedEx Express 


FedEx Ground.



Uber Eats

Hero’s Don’t All Have an “S” on Their Chest

In the war on COVID – 19, heroes come in all sizes and shapes. Marcia at the pharmacy, the young person who delivered our curbside groceries, and the truck driver who brought all the food and medicine. They’re all hero’s because without them, where would we be? So, do you want to be a hero?

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