Let’s Play Plainfieldopoly!

Did you play board games as a child? Many families even had (and still do) a game night where the family gathers around the kitchen table playing board games as they share the day’s adventures with each other. I’d wager one of those games you played was Monopoly, am I right? And I’d guess you had your favorite piece; mine was the racecar. I’d also bet you had your favorite properties as well. Was it Baltic Avenue, Park Place or somewhere in the middle?

Are You Bored with the Same ‘Ole Board Games?

Eventually, even the greatest games in the world, like Monopoly can get boring. Well, we have an answer for that! If, like me, you’re bored with the same ‘ole board games, are ready to play something new?

Plainfieldopoly is Monopoly with a twist. It’s set in Plainfield, IN!

Where Will You Build Your Houses and Motels?

No more Atlantic Avenue or Marvin Gardens, Plainfieldopoly features local Plainfield, IN businesses. Presented by the Greater Plainfield Chamber of Commerce, the game features Plainfield organizations and businesses including TKO Graphix, Hendricks Regional Health, Indy West Harley-Davidson, Crane Credit Union, Plainfield Guilford Township Public Library, and more.

Time for some Fun the Plainfield, Indiana Way!

So, if you want to have fun while supporting the Plainfield Chamber, you can own one of these special versions of Monopoly for only $30. Do not pass go or collect $200 because there is a limited number of games available.

I’ll trade Holiday Inn Airport for Ray’s Trash Service, and throw in 200 dollars! Does this sound as fun to you as it does to me? If you’d like to help us create a Plainfieldopoly game night Contact Us. I’ve always wanted to own Swinford Park or trade Deer Creek Golf Club for Indiana Farm Bureau Hendricks Putnam.

For more information on Plainfieldopoly Contact, Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Plainfieldopoly Board Game.




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