Last week I saw a box truck wrap taking shape. It was a new box truck recently added to the Country Homecenter fleet. It was fun to watch the transformation from plain white truck to rolling billboard.  The installation reminded me of the first time I’d seen this full box truck wrap for the Town and Country Homecenter.

A couple of years, while walking through the TKO Graphix installation bay I noticed a box truck. Our installers were removing the old decals from the truck. These included the DOT number, the businesses name, just basic identification.

After the vehicle was prepped, cleaned, and deidentified (removing the old adhesive vinyl graphics) our installation team began applying a full wrap. As I watched, it was like observing a butterfly emerge for a chrysalis. The Box truck was transformed into a marketing campaign. It was no longer only identification – it was advertising!

The old graphics shared very little information, no calls to action or taglines, limited contact information, and certainly no list of products and services. The new box truck full wrap was a marketing butterfly. If you see it on the roads in central Indiana it’s hard to miss. And not only is it hard to miss it’s hard to forget, and isn’t that what advertising at it’s best should accomplish?

The Box Truck Wrap

The box truck Wrap is a full wrap front to back using corporate branded colors, fonts, and logos. The phone number, address, and website are in plain sight and easy to read. To establish credibility and trust the Do it Best and Carpet One icons are shared, alongside the tagline, “Good advice at a Good Price.” It says it all with bold copy, broad bands, and exceptional color contrast.

Who is Town and Country Homecenter?

“Since 1978, Town and Country Homecenter, located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, has focused on providing the best products, outstanding customer service, convenience, and good advice at a good price.

“At Town and Country Homecenter, you get real customer service, extraordinary selection and even some new ideas. Our staff is helpful because they keep up with the latest trends in home improvement and rely on extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

You can choose from a warehouse, or a store that will truly transform your house.

For quality, style and something better than you’ll get at the warehouses, visit Town and Country Homecenter. Good Advice, At a Good Price!” — About Town and Country Home Center

Town and Country offer a wide variety of products, both at their location and online:


How Can We Help You?

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