Has advertising become too prevalent, annoying, and invasive? According to many recent surveys, the answer is a resounding yes. However, there’s one form of advertising that has stayed above the fray. Vehicle graphics are a friendly form of advertising.

Pop-ups interrupt you and remarketing ads stalk you. You scroll past ad after ad. But it’s not just when you’re online. Ads constantly interrupt us whether we’re trying to watch the nightly news, or we go to our mailbox and find multiple direct mail pieces. Do you think ads are becoming more and more irritating? I do. And guess what, your customers do as well. It might be time to think about a kinder, gentler, more friendly way to advertise. Vehicle graphics are a friendly form of advertising.

What Do Consumers Think of Ads?

People are sick and tired of unsolicited, misleading, and just plain dumb ads. They’ve had enough, so they tune out, turn off, and block ads. And when consumers find an ad irritating, what’s their opinion of the company advertising? You guessed it…not good.

Too many ads are just annoying and I’m more inclined to avoid the businesses that use this type of advertising than to consider their product. Targeted digital ads have become the go-to advertising, but is that a good thing for your business? Here’s what consumers find offensive about digital ads.

  • Ads are annoying/intrusive (64%)
  • Ads disrupt what I’m doing (54%)
  • Ads create security concerns (39%)
  • Better page load time/reduced bandwidth use (36%)
  • Offensive/inappropriate ad content (33%)
  • Privacy concerns (32%)
  • Reduced data usage (for mobile plans) (22%)
  • I don’t like contributing to a business making money off my browsing (18%)

Source: Why People Hate Ads: Too Many, Too Intrusive, Too Creepy

Vehicle Graphics Are a Friendly Form of Advertising

So, what makes vehicle graphics advertising more friendly than other forms of advertising? We all experience unwanted ads on TV, radio, print, and online. Vehicle graphics may be the least invasive form of advertising there is. Fleet and vehicle graphics are consumer-friendly. If someone is uninterested in the product or service, all they need do is look away. Besides, no one gets upset over noncontroversial fleet graphic advertising. Vehicle graphics are a friendly form of advertising.

Here are a few advantages fleet advertising has over intrusive ads.

Intrusive Ads Vehicle Graphic Ads
Upset Customers • Build image and trust
• Are often unwanted and disruptive • Users’ choice to look or not
• Come off as unprofessional • Promote a professional image
• Create a negative image of the advertiser • Add to the brand

It’s estimated the average person is exposed to more than 6,000 ads a day. Only 30 years ago, it was less than 2,000. We’ve all experienced it. Whether we’re trying to work, drive, or simply relax, aggressive ads pull us away from what we’re trying to do. Vehicle graphic advertising is non-aggressive. Vehicle graphics are a friendly form of advertising. Who could possibly get upset over seeing a vehicle wrap such as this Smallcakes Cupcakery wrap beside them in a traffic jam? Hungry maybe…but not upset.

Vehicle Graphics Are a Friendly Form of Advertising

Another difference is that vehicle wraps are seldom misleading. Vehicle graphics aren’t clickbait. Vehicle graphics are a friendly form of advertising. Most are noncontroversial, and consumers rarely feel fooled by the message of the graphic. The same can’t be said for most other forms of advertising. Don’t get me wrong. There are professional, legitimate ads in all forms of advertising. It’s just that other types of advertising lend themselves to misleading ads.

In this day and age, when we are all inundated with advertising, it might be time to consider a kinder, gentler type of advertising – fleet graphics.

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