Vehicle Graphics with Blood Hound, Inc.

What happens when you have 20 new Ford Connects, one vacuum truck, a Nissan NV, and a Chevy Traverse that all need partial vehicle wraps, and updated artwork? And … you want to begin the installation in two weeks? When Blood Hound Inc. came to us with this challenge, we jumped at the opportunity to make it happen. Founded in 1999, Indiana based Blood Hound Inc. has become a national utility consulting company, specializing in EM (electromagnetic locating) of private and public utilities location, pipe camera inspections, vacuum excavation, and utility mapping.

A Quick Turnaround 

In addition to a quick turnaround to accompany their recent expansion, they needed their logo and artwork recreated for a fleet of various vehicle types. Working with real-world deadlines regularly, we were able to fulfill this and meet their deadlines. We’re continuing our work with Blood Hound Inc., making their brand known to so many with their new vehicle graphics.

Do You Need a Bloodhound?

Reach out to Blood Hound Inc. on Twitter and Facebook, or contact them directly.

If you have a fleet of differing vehicles and need a cohesive look in your vehicle graphics, contact us, and let’s see what we can do for you.