It’s true! We wrapped Santa’s Jeep! You’re not going to believe this, but I must tell someone. Okay, I’m telling everyone. I met Santa!  Not one of the fill-in Santa’s. The honest to goodness, Santa. Yes, he’s real. I met him because we wrapped Santa’s Jeep!

Santa in Our Breakroom

Early in September, I was walking through TKO Graphix breakroom when I saw two gentlemen waiting on a vehicle. One was large and dressed in red from head to toe. He wore a red cap, and had long white hair and a white beard. The other person was smaller, quite a lot smaller, very thin and his ears were … well, they were a bit pointy.

The Introduction  

I introduced myself and asked for the man in red’s name he said, “Call me Chris.” I asked what they were doing and was told they were waiting on adhesive vinyl graphics to be completed on a brand-new Jeep. Can you guess the color of the Jeep? It was bright red.

Santa’s Jeep 

I went downstairs to our installation bay to take a look and that’s when I realized that when the white-bearded one said call me Chris, he meant Kris, as in Kris Kringle. Santa Claus was upstairs in the TKO Graphix break room, and he had an elf with him!

I leaped up the stairs looked Kris in the eye and asked, Santa? He smiled and said, “Have a seat, I’m guessing you have questions.” I did.

But Why Do You Need Another Vehicle?

I asked, “With no disrespect, Santa why do you need a Jeep?” He said, “That’s a good question, but as you may know, as much as I depend on my sleigh it’s not my only mode of transportation.” To which I answered, “Ah, the Polar Express – you have a train!” Santa continued, “You see I load the Jeep on the Polar Express, so I have transportation when I arrive at a destination.” I told him I understood. We do a lot of work with shipping companies, and they call the final delivery the last mile. Santa’s Jeep is his last mile transportation.

The Nice List

I told Santa I was happy and proud he had chosen TKO Graphix for his vehicle graphics needs, but why us? I know there are providers closer to the North Pole. Santa told me time and distance don’t mean anything to him; he operated outside of those dimensions. I didn’t completely understand, but I nodded in agreement. I mean, who was I to question Santa? And then he told me he had heard very good things about TKO Graphix. We had made the nice list for more than 30 years in a row! Wow, we’re on the nice list!?

BTW, want to know how long before Santa makes his rounds again? Christmas Countdown Clock

It’s Santa’s Jeep! 

So, if you see a red jeep being driven by a white-bearded gentleman with a pointy-eared little person in the passenger seat you know this for a fact. The graphics are the work of TKO!

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