So, what is your vehicle wrap is damaged? Last Friday I introduced myself to a customer waiting on his vehicle in our waiting room. He worked as a sales consultant for our friends at Watchfire Signs who manufacture state of the art signage including message centers, billboards, and LED signs. It seems the sales consultant had backed his work truck into a pole and damaged the vehicle wrap. The Watchfire wrap is a complicated design. This short video will give you an idea of what the wrap looks like, Watchfire Signs Customer Testimonial. The damage to the rear of his truck was a minor scrap and repairable. What can you do when your vehicle graphic is damaged?

Will Insurance Cover a Damaged Vehicle Wrap?

vehicle wrap is damaged

So, will insurance cover you when a vehicle wrap is damaged? That depends on your insurance carrier and your policy, but in most cases, it’s covered. A vehicle wrap is an add-on aftermarket improvement to your vehicle no different than any other aftermarket add-on such as upgraded wheels. However, as I mentioned, it depends on your policy, so before you begin the repair process check coverage with your insurance agent, including your responsibility, such as deductible.

Before the Damage

You should document your vehicle wrap at completion.

  • Record images. Pull out your phone and record a walk around video of your new wrap. You might also want to photograph all four sides of your car or truck
  • Make a file for all of your documents including contracts, receipts, and releases (note the completion date.), and be sure to include the cost of the work
  • After you’ve gathered all of this information make copies and keep them in a secure place

Will the Entire Wrap Need to be Replaced?

Will the entire wrap need to be replaced? Maybe and maybe not, it depends on several factors.

Color calibration

If the graphics printer color calibrates on a consistent basis, then a color match is possible, but if calibration is inconsistent it can be difficult to match, which can lead to replacing the entire wrap due to the inability to match the existing work. Also, are the original design files available? If not, that adds another level of difficulty to match the repair to the existing graphics.


Has the wrap faded? Have chemicals damaged the vinyl? If so, it might be best to replace the entire graphic rather than attempt to patch an area with new vinyl that doesn’t match the faded material. Adhesive vinyl graphics without overlaminates are much more exposed to UV rays and more likely to fade.

“Prospective clients frequently ask why fleet graphics fade because they’ve seen wraps that have faded. They’ve noticed decals that have turned brown, wraps that are blotchy and discolored, and graphics that just look — washed out. There are several factors, including quality of the material, proper installation, color, and climate, but the number one reason for vehicle graphic discoloration is the lack of lamination.” —Why Do Vehicle Graphics Fade?

So, What Can You Do When Your Vehicle Wrap is Damaged?

The truest answer is … something. That something depends on the age and condition of the vinyl, documentation by the printer, and extent of the damage. If you have any questions please, Contact Us or leave a comment. But most of all we hope you never have to be concerned that your vehicle wrap is damaged. Drive safe!

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