Everyone knows about vehicle wraps, graphics, and decals. Of course, TKO Graphix does vehicle wraps. Last year, we wrapped around 28,453 vehicles — large fleets, small fleets, and individual vehicles. We wrapped company cars, work trucks, and tractor-trailers. We wrapped vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, limousines, SUV’s, and smart cars, but we also wrapped other things. What else can be wrapped? With modern adhesives, inks and digital printers, you can wrap almost anything.

If you hire a design team who understands translating two dimensional ideas into 3D realities, competent printers who understand color calibration, and trained installers, you’re only limited by YOUR imagination.

Stuff We Can Wrap

·    Watercraft, Boats, Jet Skis
·    Golf Carts
·    Motorcycles, Scooters, Helmets
·    Race Cars, Pit Stands, Haulers
·    RV’s
·    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
·    Buildings!
·    Buses
·    The bottom of a swimming pool
·    Laptops, iPhones & Cases
·    A lead box in a CAT scanner
·    QR codes on almost anything
·    Weapons, Shot Guns, Cross Bows
·    Appliances, Refrigerators and more
·    Ice Cream Cases, Store Freezers
·    Elevator Doors
·    Tanning Beds
·    Entry Doors, Office Doors
·    Sports equipment, Hockey sticks, Lacrosse…whatever they play with
·    Cameras, Video Cameras, Floating Speaker Cabinets

What have you wrapped? What would you like to wrap? Let us know. Let’s wrap about it.