Maybe the question is, “What Should Your Company’s Sign Say About You?” As important as a sign can be to your business, little consideration is often given to what it should convey and how to achieve this. Insufficient signage can be seen on every street corner — like well-designed signs that lack the primary message, or poorly designed signage with good marketing, or signs that are only thought of as identification, not for their advertising role, as well.

Before Designing a Sign, Answer These Questions:

•    Who is your company?
•    What does your company do?
•    What problems do you solve?
•    How will the sign fit your brand?
•    What’s your primary point of recognition – product or name?
•    What distinguishes you?
•    Who is your customer?

By investing time and thought into a sign before designing it, you will more likely produce a sign that fits your organization and helps market your product or service.

What are the Biggest Sign Design Mistakes?

According to Lee Faulkner, Manager of TKO Signs, the biggest mistake is color. “You can overcome a poor design with proper use of color, but a great design can’t cover up bad color choices.” TKO Marketing Director, Nancy Jarial, gave this example: “A back-lit sign with light yellow letters could be nearly illegible regardless of the design.”

Other Mistakes Include:

•    Too much information
•    Very busy design
•    Difficult to read fonts
•    The wrong size for the location

Any sign — whether it’s interior or exterior — is an investment which reflects on your organization. What does your sign say about your company?

For more information on choosing the best sign, see Don’t Wait For A Sign, and check out a sign being created in this short video.