Overused words cause me to cringe and inhale deeply. If I never hear “awesome” again, I’ll be happy. In our industry, one of those words are “pop.” Customers want the design, material, and installation of their vehicle wraps to “pop!” I’m about to use this overused word because — this wrap pops. Even for those of us in the industry, it has the “wow” factor.

Exactly What Color is This Honda Odyssey?

Rocky Bloniarz and his family decided to wrap their Honda Odyssey with Mactac Tuning Iridescent Film. The finished product is “awesome” (I did it again). When I saw this vehicle parked on our lot, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. As a matter of fact (did I mention overused phrases?), it’s totally amazing! I may be misusing and over sharing my adjectives, but the video speaks for itself. Wow.

To Look Great, it Must be Installed Expertly

What you may not notice in this video is the attention to detail. This application is perfect. There’s not a curve or seem out of place. Iridescent films are thicker than most vehicle wrap vinyl. The Mactac material used is 3.4 mil thick, which means application is a little different than thinner compliant materials. These types of films are best installed by experienced certified installers.

If you’d like to learn how your vehicle would look in Mactac tuning material, give us a call at 888-544-8051 — just ask for Awesome “Pop” Clark.