Billboard or vehicle wrap? What’s best for your business? The answer is it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. However, vehicle graphics have some clear-cut advantages over billboards.

How Many People Will See It?

CPM is an advertising term for cost per thousand impressions, which is how much an advertiser pays per one thousand advertisement impressions or views. Billboards and vehicle wraps have the two lowest CPM’s of any printed advertising. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the average cost for all forms of billboards is $2.18 per thousand impressions, and the cost for vehicle wraps is 77¢ per thousand impressions.

How Much Will It Cost? 

How much does a billboard or vehicle wrap cost? Vehicle graphics can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on multiple factors discussed in our post, How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost? The key to understanding the difference in the cost of a billboard or vehicle wrap is understanding how long consumers will see the advertising. A $2000 vehicle wrap could easily be seen for five or more years. At five years, that’s $33.33 per month. A $2000 billboard, leased for 90 days, would cost $667 per month, and that’s only for the lease, not the artwork, printing, or installation., the world’s largest job site, shares this in their post, How much does a billboard cost? 

“The total cost of a billboard, taking these factors into consideration, will vary between classic and digital billboards. The classic billboard can cost as low $250 per month, especially when they are in rural areas, and as much as $14,000 per month or more if they’re located in midsize or large cities. Digital billboards are more expensive, coming in between $1,200 and $15,000 or more per month.”

The cost-shared above by Indeed is the cost to rent the billboard. The cost to design, print, and install can run an additional $1,000 to $2,000 or more.

Location, Location, Location 

Billboards are static. The majority of people who see billboards are the same people every day. A billboard that announces a business at the next exit can be very effective. However, billboards aren’t always the most productive form of marketing for many products and services. For example, any business in a service industry with work vans or trucks that have vehicle wraps can be seen in residential neighborhoods or commercial parks as they visit clients, and that’s where future customers are to be found.

Vehicles can be moved to events, parked in front of your office after hours, or taken home by employees – all add to the exposure of your rolling billboard.

How Effective Are Vehicle Graphics? 

According to an American Trucking Association study, The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic, “96% noticed truck side ads, 98% said fleet graphics created a positive image for the company, 96% said fleet graphics had more impact than billboards, 75% of people developed an impression about a company and its products, and 29% would base a buying decision on the impression.”

3 Advantages of Billboards

Billboards do have their advantages. The key is to know when the advantage leans toward a billboard or vehicle wrap.

  1. A billboard message can be changed more readily than a vehicle wrap, especially on digital billboards.
  2. Billboards are larger than most vehicle wraps, and when properly placed, can make a large visual impact.
  3. In contrast to vehicle wraps, billboards are on the road 24/7.

Billboard or Vehicle Wrap?

So, billboard or vehicle wrap? The answer could be both. However, understanding the purpose of your marketing plan will lead you to the best decision. Considering the cost, location, and length of your promotion, you might learn that vehicle wraps and graphics are your best bet. What’s best for you, a billboard or vehicle wrap?


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