Why Are We Showing You this BMW?(click image for larger view)

This BMW is a great car. It’s a stylish high performance vehicle with the latest in creature comforts and amenities. Although the finish doesn’t look standard – It’s an excellent color choice for a unique ride. But what does all this have to do with TKO Graphix, vehicle wraps, and decals?

The Finish May Not be What You Think

This BMW isn’t what it may first look to be. It doesn’t look like a standard finish because it’s not. It’s not paint; it’s a wrap. The entire car was wrapped in a 3M series 1080 adhesive vinyl material. With 50 matte, gloss, carbon fiber, and brushed metal finishes to choose from, any vehicle can be transformed into something special. These materials may be used to wrap all or part of a vehicle, or combined to create a one of a kind show stopper.

You May Have Seen This Before

And we bet you’ll see more. We’ve previously shown a different photo of this matte black finished BWM, as well as this matte finish vinyl wrapped Mini Cooper, but we thought it was worth showing again. When you first looked at the photo above, did you wonder why we were showing it? Did you have any idea it was a vehicle wrap? When considering vehicle painting, or other special treatments, matte wraps should be part of the conversation.

As professional as the photo is, it can’t replace viewing a matte or carbon finished car in the wild. Seeing the light shimmer and move across the vehicle, how the color changes with perspective, and the way it seems to be shifting before your eyes can only be experienced up close and personal. If you’d like to explore a one of a kind wrap for your vehicle, we have plenty of ideas we’d love to share.

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