Why would a B2B need vehicle graphics? It’s a no-brainer that most B2Cs (Business to Consumer) especially those in service industries, should invest in vehicle graphic advertising, but should a B2B (Business to Business)? If advertising, branding, and lead generation are important then the answer is — yes a B2B needs vehicle graphics.

Why Would a B2B Need Vehicle Graphics?

Does a B2B need vehicle graphics? Good question. The four reasons listed below make the obvious assumption that a B2B has company vehicles. But, what might not be as obvious is that any vehicle, not only delivery and work vehicles, but sales, corporate, and all company vehicles are good for advertising.


You never know who will see your vehicle on the road, in a parking lot, or at your business, but you can bet that folks who work for businesses that could use your product are in the mix. If you don’t think potential business customers respond to vehicle graphics, listen to what Bob Berardinelli from Carbon Golden Malted had to say about it because it might change your mind.

Not only are fleet graphics a form of advertising they’re one of the most effective.  Multinational Fortune 500 company 3M, shared the following.

How effective are fleet graphics in the modern world? “Research shows that vehicle advertising stands apart from other forms of media because of its size, location and continued presence. Brightly colored vehicle wraps with big logos and messages are disruptive and can’t be ignored by commuters. In fact, in one survey, 64% of respondents said they noticed vehicle graphics. Another study revealed that vehicle advertising generates 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions. If we just consider the lower end of these results, that would translate into millions of impressions per year. And unlike other marketing mediums, vehicle graphics aren’t subject to ad blockers, commercial-free streaming or other barriers that prevent brands from communicating with potential customers.”


Driving a professionally wrapped company vehicle to a potential customer’s place of business makes a statement. And that statement is we’re professional, we are detail oriented, and we’re legitimate. This is critically important for smaller businesses. Think about it. I’d wager all of your big time competition has branded fleet graphics. If that is the case a business without branded fleet graphics doesn’t look like it belongs. It’s not professional. Whether you repair copiers and drive a company car or offer commercial heating and air working out of a van, if you don’t brand your cars and trucks you don’t look legitimate and that’s not good for your business.


Think about it. If a business to business spends the money for a professional logo, and takes the time to brand their website. If a business uses corporate colors, logos, taglines, and fonts on signage, collateral materials, and forms. Then why wouldn’t they do the same with company vehicles?

An Amazon Warehouse sits across the street from our Plainfield, IN office. It has several large branded signs on the building plus smaller signs at entrances. Why, would a warehouse need signs? I guess one could say it makes it easier for deliveries to find, but it’s more than that. Thousands of vehicles drive past the warehouse every day on the four lane road the warehouse sits on, which means thousands of people are reminded of the Amazon brand every day.

It the same on Amazons vehicles. They’re all branded. So, does a B2B need vehicle graphics? Amazon thinks so.


Driving a company vehicle that shares the vision and mission of the organization can be a source of pride for employees. Plain Jane company vehicles that don’t advertise the company are uninspiring. The best employees take pride in their organization, what it stands for and what it does. One way to show that pride is to share it on your company vehicles.

Last week I was driving by Hendricks Regional Hospital and saw a TKO Graphics work truck. I had no idea what we were doing but I looked at my wife and said, “Did you see the TKO truck? We’ve done some great work for them. I wonder what we’re helping them with now?” I was proud.

Advertising and More

Vehicle graphics on B2B company vehicles are an effective form of advertisement, but they’re a lot more. They add pride and legitimacy to the business while solidifying brand awareness. Does your B2B wrap its company vehicles? Does a B2B need vehicle graphics? Should you? If you’d like to learn more about vehicle graphics for your B2B fleet, please let us know.

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