Featured Image - Ciroc Hummer Limousine
Ciroc Limo Graphics
An often underestimated approach in vehicle graphics is window graphics. Yes, you can cover up your windows for maximum appeal, while remaining safe and legal when driving. Although this Ciroc limo presented a large canvas, it also presented some design challenges. The difficulty was the windows. When the windows are deducted from the wrap; the area is odd shaped and not as big as one would think. How do you show two bottles, the name, and the rest of the brand?

The answer is–you wrap the windows. In the last few years, materials have become available that don’t obstruct vision from the inside, looking out, while presenting a complete image from the outside. This is done by using a window graphic that has a pattern of perforations. According to 3M’s statement on its 3M Scotchchal Perforated Window Graphics, “This 4-mil cast vinyl film allows a full image to be seen on the outside while allowing viewing through windows from the inside. A 50 percent perforation pattern enhances light transmission for a good balance of viewing through the window and image density as viewed from the outside.”

If you want to use all the advertising space available on your vehicle, to its best advantage, consider window graphics, and contact us with any questions. We’d be happy to share ideas. I think we have a… window of opportunity available.