So, should you wrap your fleet vehicles or paint them? In this blog, we usually advise businesses to review their options because it might depend on the circumstances. It’s most often, but not always, more efficient to wrap. Here are five reasons why and when it’s better to use adhesive vinyl vehicle graphics rather than paint your fleet vehicle.

Why You Should Wrap Your Fleet Vehicles

wrap your fleet vehicles

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Save Money

If we eliminate discount paint jobs, which reduce the price by forgoing proper preparation, using an inferior product, as well as cheap labor, wraps or decals may be more cost-effective. In this article, painting a car can range from under $1000 to $8000. Decaling or wrapping a car can run $500 to $4000 or more. “In 2012, we stated a full wrap could run $1500 to $3000 or more. Since then, we’ve completed wraps for under $1500 and over $4000.” How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

Increase the Resale Value

Protecting the manufacturer’s original finish maintains the resale value of a vehicle, and the sale-ability of basic colors is much higher than exotic colors. Do you love bright chrome yellow? Does your company use pink vehicles? Vivid colors may limit potential buyers in the resale market. The answer is to order a white vehicle, wrap it to your heart’s desire, and have a white vehicle, again, when it’s time to resell. As Listverse explains

“Ever drive down the road and notice most of the cars you see are colored in four colors (mostly black, white, silver, or gray)? Part of the reason why is resale value — people who want to resell their car later know they are far more likely to find a buyer if the car is one of these common colors.”

Use Your Options

Are you getting tired of the bright chrome yellow? Remove the wrap and re-wrap it. Let’s try a matte black finish, or maybe camouflage this time?

Save Time

You can save time using vinyl graphics rather than paint, especially if you have a complicated multi-vector design — a wrap may only take a few hours; paint can take much longer.

Total Coverage

Using paint limits vehicle advertising to the painted surfaces. By incorporating window film in a wrap, the entire surface becomes a marketing canvas.

So, Should You Wrap Your Fleet Vehicles or Paint Them? 

What’s best for you and your business? Should you wrap your fleet vehicles or paint them? Vehicle graphics don’t replace the need for paint and aren’t always the best option. Research the options, and then make the best decision based on use and needs. Before painting a vehicle, compare vehicle graphics to painting – you may be pleasantly surprised. We’d be happy to share ideas. Contact Us

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