We’ve wrapped thousands upon thousands of cars and trucks. We’ve wrapped motorcycles, golf carts, and boats. But it’s not everyday we can say—we wrapped a Zamboni. Here’s the story. The Indiana State Fair Coliseum has a new Zamboni, Tom Raper, a long time supporter of the Indiana State Fair, added their name to the project and TKO Graphix was privileged to be asked to supply and install the graphics. We got to wrap a Zamboni. Sweet.

What is a Zamboni?

A Zamboni is an ice resurfacer. It washes and shaves the ice on a skating rink or an ice sports field. After which, it lays down a thin layer of new surface water that becomes ice. Since 1949, the Zamboni has been manufactured in Paramount, CA. The Zamboni Story, about the machine and its inventor, Frank Zamboni is a lesson in American ingenuity.

Where and When is the Zamboni in Action?

It will be used at Indy Fuel Games. If you’re a local hockey fan, you can get up close and personal with the Indy Fuel team members (and maybe the Zamboni) by Skating with them! Open skating is also available, Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum Skating.

Yes, We’re Excited!

As we mentioned it’s not ever day we wrap something as exotic as a Zamboni and we got to work with two outstanding organizations, The Indiana State Fair, and Tom Raper. What could be better than that? If you have a Zamboni, or anything else, that needs wrapped let’s break the ice.