Featured Image - West Coast Tacos Food Truck
West Coast Tacos Food Truck

This oldie but goodie dates back to September, 2010, but it’s one of our favorites. There are several important points about the graphics. This West Coast Tacos food truck is a good example for  anyone considering wrapping a similar vehicle.

This is NOT a vehicle wrap

It’s several decals applied on an older truck, which was painted black. This method can be very cost-effective for new businesses on a budget, and it was the first of what are now several WCT trucks. West Coast Tacos was a new enterprise in 2010, when food trucks were something new for Indianapolis. These industrious and enterprising young men have met with great success. Their story has been shared far and wide.

The graphic design works

With a canvas as large as a food truck, it’s tempting to overdo it. When graphics are too busy and messages are laid one atop the other, the real message can be lost. The graphics should support your message and be as simple as possible.

If you’re considering operating a food truck and you’re on a limited budget, contact us for a few cost saving ideas.