Your small business needs fleet graphics, but why? So, your small business only has one catering van and three work trucks. Why is it so important to have vehicle graphics if that’s all you have? And why now? It’s a demanding business climate. Revenues are down in most industries. Unemployment is up, meaning there are fewer consumers with discretionary income to spend on your products and services. With all that’s going on in the world today, why would you even consider spending money on vehicle graphics? It’s a good question. Here’s why your small business needs fleet graphics.

Why Your Small Business Needs Fleet Graphics

You gotta spend money to make money

Spend money to make money is an old adage, but it’s true. Whether the business expenditure is on equipment, training, or marketing, business seldom increases without help. The problem with the “spend money to make money” saying is it doesn’t warn you that spending money in the wrong areas can be a disaster. Spending money on fleet wraps is smart money. Here’s why.

People are watching

Several recent surveys show that the number one most missed activity in America is eating out. Many are compensating by dining in with take-out. Take-out food deliveries are at an all-time high. If you have an unmarked delivery van or a small logo on the driver’s side door that can only be seen from five feet away, you are throwing away business. Can you really afford that right now? Think about it, for every delivery you make, hundreds of potential customers are on the drive to the delivery and in the neighborhood. But they’re only potential customers if they know who you are and what you do. If you make home deliveries your small business needs fleet graphics.

The AC went out

Last week, with temperatures in the low 90’s and humidity near 100%, my next-door neighbor’s air conditioning went out. One of the family members is in healthcare, and they follow strict social distancing, they wear masks and follow CDC guidelines. They don’t have visitors, pick up grocery’s curbside, and we talk from behind our fences. However, this was an exception. They called an HVAC service company. And you know what? All the neighbors saw that the truck advertised 24/7 emergency service. I wrote down the phone number. If you do home repairs then your small business needs fleet graphics.

The neighbors know

“Whatever home service you offer when your work vehicle drives into a neighborhood, most of the homes are of similar age and construction. And do you know what that means? It means that many of the homes have similar problems, that homeowners have the same concerns as your customer, and a lot of folks want to keep up with the Jones. Did your next-door neighbor get a new A/C unit? Yea, my A/C is 21 years old; it’s probably time. Was there a crew down the street installing new windows? These old windows are drafty. Did Bob and Mary’s water heater go out? Gee, I wonder when mine will go?” — Believe me, the Neighbors Are Watching

It’s a new service                

Are you offering a new service? Is it something you didn’t do before the pandemic? Has your business model changed? If you’re in the food industry, do you offer more items, quicker delivery, or extended hours? If so, let the people know. One of the best ways to inform the public of the services you offer and the problems you solve is to share it on your fleet graphics.

“A number of restaurants are offering “hands free delivery.”

That means you place your order, and the restaurant brings it and leaves it in a designated spot on your porch or in your hallway for you to go out and retrieve.

It eliminates any personal contact between you and the delivery person but allows you to still get your meal.” — Forbes — 5 New Ways To Help Your Favorite Restaurant Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

Do you think “Hands Free Delivery” should be big and bold on their delivery vehicle? I’d take notice, wouldn’t you? If you have something new to offer then your small business needs fleet graphics.

Create a positive image

You might think that a delivery van without graphics doesn’t say anything, but you’d be wrong. It says you’re unprofessional and small-time. It doesn’t inspire confidence. Conversely, one vehicle with advertising graphics seen in a local community can seem like many more. If you want to look like a pro your small business needs fleet graphics.

“I had a Bryant dealer in Southeast Florida that had an HVAC company. He only had one service van. I finally convinced him (after about a year) to have his van decaled with the Bryant package. TKO decaled his one van. About two weeks later, he called me and apologized that he had not had his van decaled before. He said several times after his one van was decaled, people in his community stated: “Your business must be really be growing, I see your vans everywhere.” — TKO Graphix and TKO Marketing Solutions Sales Executive, Jack Woodlock.

There’s more reasons your small business needs fleet graphics

There are more reasons, such as unifying your brand, sharing a mission, and encouraging employee pride. Put aside that fleet graphics are the most cost-effective form of advertising for most small businesses during normal times, but now more than ever, fleet graphics may mean the difference between keeping the doors open or locking up. And that may be the most important reason that your small business needs fleet graphics.

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