The Aqua Blue service work truck wrap is a great example of fleet graphics that stay on brand and send a message. We’ve worked with the fine folk at Aqua Blue Swimming Pool Service for several years, and not only are they a pleasure to do business with – they get it. They understand that vehicle graphics is more than identification, but at the same time, they know that too much of a good thing can destroy the message.  The Aqua Blue Swimming Pool Service work truck wrap is a good example of this. Thank you, Aqua Blue!

So, What Does a Swimming Pool Service Do?

The bottom line is that a good pool service makes it easier and more affordable to own and maintain a pool. Here’s some of what Aqua Blue offers:

  • Opening & Closing
  • Drain, Clean, Acid Wash, Fill
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Automatic Pool Cover Repair & Replacement
  • Pool Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Pool Automation Systems
  • Winter Safety Covers
  • Weekly Pool Service — Aqua Blue Pool Services

The Vehicle Graphics

This design sends the message loud and clear. Whether the truck is parked at a client’s drive or cruising north on I 465, there is no doubt as to the purpose of the truck. The blue, white, and light blue swoop flows from front to back like sparkling clean pool water. The business logo, branded colors, clear statement of what they do – Swimming Pool Service, and easy to find contact information send a clear message. The Aqua Blue Pool Services message is simple, they can help you with your swimming pool needs. If you have or want a pool Aqua Blue has the answers you’re looking for.

Aqua Blue Swimming Pool Service Work Truck Wrap — Keeps it Simple 

We can never say it enough. When it comes to fleet graphics simpler is almost always better. Keeping it simple is often more difficult than it looks. Simplicity is elegance. Complicated fleet graphics with multiple images, several catchphrases, numerous calls to action, and a 10-bullet-point list of products and services isn’t the answer.

The primary job of any fleet graphic is to send a decipherable message. When a design is too busy, it’s hard to understand what the message is, but it’s darn near impossible for an over-designed fleet graphic to deliver the message when it’s on the road.

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