TKO Graphix has had the pleasure of working with Central Nine on more than one project. Our latest was wall graphics. They’re good people doing good work, and they understand the importance of visual appeal for their facility. Wall graphics set a tone, promote a brand, create a call to action, and put a smiles on faces. As you can see in the photos, Central Nine understands and embraces this concept.

Behind the Scenes

In this post, we look behind the scenes by asking TKO Graphix teammates involved in the project to share.

Central Nine Career Center Wall Graphic

Blake Lowe, the account manager

Here’s what Blake Lowe, TKO Graphix National Account Manager, had to say, “I got a voicemail from Laura inquiring about this project. We talked on the phone, and I set up an appointment the next day. I went out to meet with her face to face and go over all the details of the job, including what her expectations were as far as the new design, verify all the measurements, and test the removal of the existing wrap that was on there. When I got back, we put an estimate together based on the information I gathered from the site survey. After approval on the estimate from Laura, we put a design in motion based on the vision she had. Alisha nailed the design the first time with no changes, with the exception of moving a logo down, so it didn’t interfere with a fire alarm.

The job took four days, two days for removal, and two days for install. It was printed on Premium 3M IJ8624 Vinyl. Because when heated and applied it conforms to moderately textured surfaces on both flat and curved substrates, including concrete block and brick (as shown) industrial stucco and tile similar to those surfaces commonly found in sports arenas, stadiums, restaurants, retail, and other public venues.

Central Nine was ecstatic about the project. I was there the day after completion getting new information on another wall they wanted completed. So, we’ll be back out there shortly to install another one.”

TKO Graphix designer Alisha Nail 

I asked Alisha a few questions about the project.

Were there any challenges?

“When doing wall wraps you have to make sure your proposed design misses anything that may hinder the imagery (ex-fire alarms/bulkheads/doors/ etc.)”

Was anything different or unusual?

“Going for a more fun – updated design.”

What was it like working with Central 9?

“Always a pleasure – great customers.”

What should I ask about the design that I didn’t ask?

“It was straight forward – nothing difficult – went smooth.”

Central Nine Career Center Wall Graphic

What Does Central Nine Do?

 “Central Nine Career Center is dedicated to providing its local high school students with life-changing career and technical educational experiences that assist them in meeting Graduation Pathway requirements and lead them to the workforce and college as informed, innovative, and professional citizens with career goals.” — About Central Nine

Wall Graphics are a Game-Changer

We’ve witnessed wall graphics change a drab gray cinder block wall into an exciting event space. Wall graphics can chronicle the history of an organization, share employee recognition, create fun, add excitement, and more.

Do your interior walls share your brand, add excitement, or tell a story? Don’t waste wall space. If you’d like to learn more about wall graphics, Contact Us.

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