If you’re considering fleet graphics, then this fleet graphics checklist will save you time and money. Here are a few of the questions our team of sales professionals and customer service representatives ask customers before estimating their fleet graphics projects.

Why do these questions need to be answered just to get an estimate? There are many variables that affect the cost of fleet graphics. These include the quantity of vehicles receiving graphics, type of material used for anticipated durability, manufacturing method, etc. All these variables impact the price of your fleet graphics. Whether your project is for new graphics or replacing old ones, knowing the answers to these questions can help with the speed and accuracy of your fleet graphics estimate.

Here’s our Complete 13-Point Fleet Graphics Checklist to Prepare for Your Project.

Complete 13-Point Fleet Graphics Checklist:

1. How Many Vehicles or Trailers are Receiving Graphics?

Is it time to rebrand your entire fleet of tractor-trailers or vehicles, or did you just lease a couple new work trucks that are blank canvases? Since graphics manufacturers, like TKO Graphix, estimate fleet graphics projects by quantity and size of graphics. It’s important to know how many vehicles need graphics. A higher quantity of vehicles receiving graphics will reduce the cost of the graphics set per vehicle.

So, if you are planning graphics for other vehicles in your fleet in the near future, it may be worth considering grouping the production of those graphics together to drive the price down per vehicle.

We would love to help with your commercial fleet graphics, whether it’s a few work vans or a huge 17,000-piece vehicle rebrand.

2. What Different Types of Vehicles Are Involved?

The fleet graphics provider needs to know the various types of cars, trucks, or trailers included in the project and the specifics, such as year, make, model, and color of each vehicle. Other detailed specifications about each vehicle or trailer, such as measurements, wheelbase, roof height, or type of trailer doors will be asked when you get to the set up or design phase of the project.

Here’s and example of  what a vehicle graphic designer needs to know about your fleet of vehicles.

3. Are the Vehicles New, Used, or Some of Both?

If they’re new vehicles, when and where will they be delivered? Are they used? If so, what condition are they in? If the vehicle’s surface is damaged, fleet graphics won’t hide the damage, and adhesive vinyl graphics will not adhere to rust or peeling paint.

4. How Long will the Graphics be on the Vehicles?

It’s critical for the graphics provider to know how long you need the graphics on your fleet of vehicles. So, you will need to determine how long you want the graphics. Is it a short-term marketing campaign? Do the leases expire in two years, or do you want the graphics to remain on the vehicles longer?

If you’re looking for a long term (5-7 years) or a short term (1-2 years) vinyl application, the material used will be different and ultimately affects the price of the project.

For more info on this, read our FAQ blog, How Long Will My Vehicle Wrap Last?

5. Do the Vehicles Have Existing Vinyl Graphics?

Are there old graphics that need to be removed? If so, how long have they been on the vehicle? The longer they’ve been on the car or truck, the more difficult it may be to remove them, which may affect your removal cost.

6. Do You Need Fleet Graphics Installation Services?

Installation is the last step in having successful fleet graphics, so you want to get it right. Be sure you are working with graphics installation professionals that are experienced and 3M certified.

7. Where Are the Vehicles Located?

Logistics can be a challenging aspect of any fleet rebranding, and it can be costly. The longer vehicles are off the road, the more they cost you due to their lack of contribution to your bottom line. TKO Graphix uses a proven system of tracking, communication, and coordination to make this almost seamless. For example, we completed a 4,000 vehicle 200 city rebrand for a national lawn care company and did it all after hours. Their work trucks stayed on the job.

8. What Facilities Are Available for Installation?

If you need installation at your location, instead of taking your vehicle to the graphics provider, the facilities where adhesive graphics are to be installed makes a huge difference. It’s possible to apply the graphics outdoors in summer or warm climates, but high humidity can even create problems.

According to 3M, for installation, the ultimate temperature-controlled environment is 70° F (21° C) with 50 percent humidity. For best results with films recommended for vehicle wrapping‚ always install when the air and vehicle surface are both above 60° F (16° C).

9. Will You Need Graphic Design Services?

Many graphic manufacturers have a design team on staff to create vehicle designs for customers. If you need someone to design your fleet graphics, let the professionals do it. These designers, like our graphics team at TKO Graphix, are experts at designing large format vehicle graphics. It’s a niche skill among designers, so it’s best to have it done correctly the first time.

10. Do You Have Any Existing Artwork?

You will be asked to submit some artwork, such as a logo or any existing marketing images or graphics you may want to use in your design to promote your business or to stay consistent with your branding.

On the other hand, if you’ve already worked with a designer or agency and have print ready graphic files that only need to be setup, produced, and installed, you’ll still be asked to submit the artwork. Your provider will be able to send you their Artwork Submission Guidelines detailing the types of files accepted. So, have those files located, in the correct format, and ready to send.

11. Can you supply photos of the specific vehicle(s) being wrapped?

If you are having your vehicle fully wrapped, it’s best to have straight on photos of each side of the vehicle to email to your graphics provider. Vehicle manufacturers have so many trim options that may interfere with your wrap. A photo says it all! It’s easier with photos of the actual vehicle to be aware of any trim or add-ons to take into consideration or work around.

12. When Do You Need the Vehicles?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Rush jobs are mistake-prone. Don’t get me wrong, we can do it, and we have 35 years of experience that has taught us how. However, why not plan ahead? A typical job can take two to three weeks, but there are many variables. It’s good to have an idea of how long vehicle graphics take to complete.

13. What’s Your Budget?

Have you ever tried to go cheap on a project to fit your budget? I have, and for me, it never worked out. You don’t have to go cheap with your fleet graphics project. You do have options with fleet graphics that work within your budget.

First, you may not need full wraps on every vehicle. Depending on your goal, half wraps or even spot graphics may be effective for your business.

vinyl graphics coverage options on tractor trailer

Secondly, be aware that not all vinyl is the same! Be leery of graphic providers that may estimate your project on cheaper materials that may not be right for the intended use. Using the right material for the job is crucial to prevent costly problems later. We’d rather do it right than make the low-price mistake of using cheaper materials or protective coatings.

Lastly, don’t be oversold on your graphics project. For instance, if you are looking for short-term fleet vehicle graphics, you don’t need to pay the higher material price for vinyl intended to last 5-7 years.

TKO Graphix recommends certain vinyl films for projects based on the type and condition of the surface, along with the longevity of the graphics needed.

Here are a few ideas on how you can save money on your fleet graphics the right way — how to save money on fleet graphics.


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