TKO Graphix is proud to work with many long-term customers. In a time when everything seems to be here today and gone tomorrow, we’ve worked with clients for ten, twenty, and thirty years. These patrons have become more than customers. They are our friends, and Divers’ Supply is one of them. Here’s what Divers’ Supply GM Jimi Mayes had to say. “Divers’ Supply Indy has had TKO wrapping trucks and vans for us for over 20 years. We have always appreciated the quality and professionalism that they deliver. TKO also only uses the top-quality products in their wraps that last and last. Thanks for all you do!!”

Who is Divers’ Supply? 

“Divers’ Supply Indy is the Midwest’s choice for full service recreational and technical scuba equipment. We offer Dive Instruction, dive travel, equipment services. Not to mention online shopping. Not just another online warehouse. With over 10,000 square feet of showroom filled with the scuba industry’s most popular dive equipment from the most respected manufacturers.” — Divers’ Supply Indy — About us

The Wrap

This wrap sends a message. Actually, it sends more than one. To begin with, it shares what Divers’ Supply does with four horizontal bullet points. Instruction. Rental. Sales. Service. Diver’s Supply does much more than these four bullet points. However, a common mistake with fleet graphics is sharing too much. Diver’s … I mean Drivers, only have seconds to capture your message.

Diver Supply

Divers’ Supply

“None of us have enough hours in the day, and none of us have time to decipher poorly planned fleet graphics. You have 5 seconds to grab attention; after that, your wrap is a waste of time.” — The Fleet Graphics 5 Second Rule..

Wait, There’s More

What Divers’ Supply has done is make it easy to understand what they have to offer and at the same time implying more. For example, the Instruction bullet point leads to asking what kind of instruction. Is it beginners, advanced, divemaster, and certification? Yes, to all the above, “Divers’ Supply Indy features dive instruction programs for the beginning diver continuing through to dive career preparation programs.” — Divers’ Supply Indy Diver Education. 

 Call to Action

The phone number on the front fender is easy to find and to remember. 317-89-scuba. Just try to forget that! And the web address jumps out from the tailgate. The sides of the vehicle share the branded company name and logo. All the pieces are there. The message is sent – we cover all your diving needs, and then some.

The Other Message

There’s another message, it may be subliminal but it’s there. You can see it and feel it. The truck looks like it’s floating in tropical waters. Sunny beaches, coral reefs, and warm water. The diver, surrounded by tropical fishes, sends a message (especially to Indiana in the winter). When you look at this wrap you can hear the surf, feel the sun, and taste the after dive margaritas on the beach.

On the rear of the truck a tailgate turtle swims towards you with the promise of diving adventures. Too many wraps don’t take advantage of the rear of their fleet vehicles. “How can you make your fleet graphics stand out when there are thousands of other vehicles vying for everyone’s attention? One of the best ways is to make use of the back of your car or truck.” — Don’t Forget the Back of Your Fleet Vehicles.

What Message Do Your Fleet Vehicle Share?

So, what message(s) do your cars and trucks share? Is it compelling? Or is it a name and a phone number? If you’d like to learn more about sending an irresistible message Contact Us, we’ll “dive” right in.