Caution: Don’t Cut Corners on Fleet Graphics

We understand that businesses sometimes have to cut corners to save a buck, but there are places that shouldn’t be cut, and one of them is fleet graphics. Don’t cut corners on fleet graphics!

I doubt you would cut back on the insurance that protects your business, use a fly-by-night accounting firm, or depend on third-rate tools in your shop. You most likely wouldn’t accept inferior newspaper ads, or TV commercials, especially if you thought they would make your business look cheesy or ineffective. So, don’t cut corners on fleet graphics.

Fleet graphics reflect your company’s image and brand, and a bad message can be worse than no message. We understand that vehicle graphics can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cost-effective. Here are a few ideas on how to save money on vehicle graphics. Yes, you can save money on fleet graphics, but you have to do it the right way. So, don’t cut corners on fleet graphics because it will cost you in the long run, here’s why…

Don’t Cut Corners on Fleet Graphics

Using the Wrong Material

There are hundreds of adhesive vinyl material available for vehicle graphics. Using the wrong material can cause significant issues. For example, calendered (a manufacturing process) vinyl isn’t designed to be heated and stretched to conform to curves. It’s not good for corners and curves. However, sometimes, the print providers will use this material to bid the lowest price on a full wrap, which leads to major problems when actually installing the graphics.

Dings, Dents, and Damage – Don’t just cover them!

If the vehicles in your fleet are old with dings and dents, cuts and scrapes, rust and damage, vehicle graphics will not fix it. The surface must be in good condition and spotlessly clean before graphics are applied or the graphics won’t hold up as expected.

An article on talks about surface preparation, “The biggest mistake is not prepping the surface. It’s so important to have a clean surface to put the adhesives down on. That’s definitely the number one error. No matter the substrate,­ glass or paint,­ and no matter the installation method ­wet or dry – if you do not clean the substrate properly, then you will end up with a contaminated surface that hinders the performance of the adhesive.”

Don’t DIY Your Design

Don’t attempt to design your fleet graphics yourself. Vehicle wraps are three dimensional, and even experienced graphic designers, who are unfamiliar with 3D design, have difficulties adjusting a two-dimensional design to a 3D object, like a vehicle.

If you want to promote your brand and present a professional image, it’s simple – hire a pro – do not do-it-yourself. We talk more about this in our blog, Should You Design Your Fleet Graphics?

Don’t cut corners on fleet graphics.

A bad wrap can give your organization a … bad rap. Hire professionals, use the best materials, and make it something you’re proud to put your name on, and don’t cut corners on fleet graphics.

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