TKO Graphics believes in giving back. Over the years we’ve supported our community with products, sponsorships, and events. We’ve donated and volunteered. We believe it’s not only important to share but that it’s our responsibility. We also believe volunteering in support of worthy causes is a great team building activity. So, recently, three of us formed a committee to learn if TKO Graphix team members we’re interested in volunteer opportunities. Because, we wanted to know if they were interested in volunteering as a group. So, with that in mind, we met briefly, 10-15 minutes, with each department and discussed our ideas. At the end, we handed this survey and crossed our fingers we’d get a response.

Team TKO Volunteer Survey

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Since its beginning, TKO Graphix has supported local charities with products and contributions. The Wellness Committee would like your suggestions for future charitable volunteer opportunities. So, we want to know if you’d be interested in participating in volunteer initiatives, as well as, how and where to use our volunteer energy. Please feel free to note anything else you’d like to share about volunteering. Thank you.

Would you personally like to be involved in group volunteer opportunities with a team of TKO Employees?


What type of charitable volunteer activities would interest you the most?


What not-for-profits or charities would you like to see TKO to support?


Other thoughts


The response was better than expected

Nearly half of those given a survey completed it. Therefore, we learned who would be interested and what they’d be interested in supporting. Since then, our committee has begun meeting with local not-for-profits and vetting volunteer opportunities. Our next step is right around the corner. So, a group of TKO volunteers will be helping at an event for Hendricks County Humane Society. We expect to have a lot of fun. Many surveys mentioned animal care as something of interest. To support team building we decided to wear Team TKO Volunteer T-shirts. Life is good. If you’d like to discuss how to go about instituting this in your workplace let us know. You can contact me at