Do you install out of state? It’s a question that our front line staff, sales consultants, CSR’s, and designers, hear a lot.  The short answer is yes, we do. We’ve worked north, south, east, west and beyond. Here are a few examples.  

Today’s FAQ: Do you install out of state?

The answer is yes. We have installed all over North America. For example, we’ve installed vehicle graphics from New York to California and Florida to Minnesota. We have more than 100 full time certified employee installers and they’re ready to roll. Not long ago we de-identified (removed old decals), and installed graphics on more than 4000 vehicles in 221 cities. All of the work was completed after the customer’s normal business hours and was performed at their shops from Toronto to Miami.

The company contacted TKO Graphix to manufacture, de-identify, and install new graphics. TKO’s online fulfillment program, coordinated the decal manufacturing, shipping, delivery, and installation to all 200+ locations. We divided the process into four phases with five installation crews traveling North America. Individual company branch locations were able to access status information at any time. The fulfillment program integrated all phases of the process with TKO Graphix and the customer.

Case Study: Rebranding a National Lawn Care Company.

A 17,000 Piece Rebrand

More recently we completed a 17,000 piece rebrand. An international shipping company approached TKO Graphix about rebranding a large fleet of semi-trailers and tractors. They had recently taken possession of these vehicles when they acquired another carrier. Previous graphics providers, involved in the rebrand, were not hitting expected quotas and deadlines. The challenge presented to TKO Graphix was to produce new decals and remove any existing decals from the equipment. And then, install the new decals on more than 17,000 pieces of equipment located in 17 locations, all within 8 months.

The customer was so pleased with the quality of work, they asked TKO Graphix to take over uncompleted work from other vendors. Two previous graphic providers, working on the project, completed less than one-third of the work accomplished by the TKO Graphix team. We completed the job on time, at the customer’s locations, and to their satisfaction.

Case Study: A 17,000 Piece Rebrand.

Do you install out of state

Certification is Critical 

We’re a proud member of USAG (United Application Standards Group), which, among other requirements, conducts written and hands-on testing of installers at 3M headquarters, has ongoing site inspections, and offers continuing training. We have working relationships with UASG installers in every state in the union. We’re also a member of PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance).

There are two primary vehicle graphics installation certification programs. PDAA  (Professional Decal Application Alliance) which is administered by SGIA (Specialty Graphics Imaging Association), and UASG (United Application Standards Group), through 3M. The UASG stands for United Application Standards Group. It is the country’s leading group of professional graphic installers – proven and tested to be the best in the business. The UASG has distinguished itself by being the first organization of its kind to require every decal installer to meet high standards of professionalism and installation skill.

Do You Install Out of State?

Do you install out of state? Yes, because we’re here to help. Whether the logistics allow us to send our employee crews, or use one of our trusted partners, we’re able to come to you. We’ve worked in nearly every state in the union. (Not Hawaii yet, but I’ll volunteer to go.) Where do you need our help?

If you’d like to learn more about graphics and installation, check out our complete list of services. If we can answer any questions, Contact Us.  

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