How long does a vehicle wrap take? There are many variables, but here at TKO Graphix, we’d be happy to look at your vehicle and give you a free estimate of time and cost for a vehicle wrap. Here’s some of what we’d need to know to give you an accurate estimate.

How long does a Vehicle Wrap Take?

How long does a Vehicle Wrap Take?

Vehicle – It might seem obvious, but the type of vehicle will affect the time it takes to warp it. A mini-cooper won’t take as long as a 53-foot tractor-trailer, but at the same time, a box truck with plain smooth sides may take less time than a car with complex curves.

Graphic – Will the vehicle graphics be cut decals, a partial wrap ¼, ½, or ¾? Will it be a full wrap? Does the design include window film? Is the roof being covered? Should I do a full or partial wrap?

Preparation – Will the vehicle need to be de-identified (removal of previous graphics) is there damage that will need to be repaired, how dirty is it, and will it need to be painted? Graphics surface preparation for various substrates.

Complexity – How much add-on equipment and trim, which may need to be removed, is there? Are there multiple hinges, complex curves, or hundreds of rivets to wrap?

Manpower – A ¾ wrap on a standard car could take 12 hours or more, but if three applicators work on the job it can be completed in four hours.

Experience – Inexperienced or poorly trained installers will at best slow the process and at worst ruin the wrap. How not to install vehicle graphics.

Environment – Where is it being installed—outside, in a warehouse, or a cramped space?  The humidity, temperature, and conditions affect the length of installation.

Travel – Road time isn’t directly part of installation, but it affects the outcome. How much travel time is there? Are there several locations involving multiple vehicles?

Business – How busy a provider is can make a difference on when a vehicle wrap may be scheduled.  How far behind is the provider on current work, and how many jobs are ahead of you?

We Don’t Have an Exact Answer

So, how long does a vehicle wrap take? we can’t tell you without more information but we’d be happy to give you an answer on your vehicle. If you’d like a free estimate, Contact Us, it shouldn’t take us too much time to give you an answer.

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