Thanks for asking. It begins with contact. Whether a prospective customer contacts us online, telephone, or in person our first step is to connect the prospect with a Sales Consultant and Customer Service Representative who fit their needs. Our experienced staff of consultants average more than ten years with TKO Graphix. We have experts to fit any and every customer’s large format graphics needs.

Here are the Basics

Design – Our team of professional designers can work directly with the client or through their sales consultant. We walk customers through the design process including artwork upload, reviews, and revisions. We do our best to be easy to work with. Our design team’s focus is to get your message on your vehicles.

Materials – There are hundreds of different adhesive vinyl materials used for many purposes. Some materials are made to last for several years; others are manufactured to be easily removed. Some are produced to conform to complicated curves others are meant to only be used on flat surfaces. We’ll guide you through the material process, finding the best answer to your particular need.

Production – We offer both digital and screen print. Each has advantages as well as disadvantages. Offering the choice of screen or digital helps us fit the production to the needs of the client. We’re not one size fits all. Should you use Screen or Digital to print your Graphics?

Installation – We’re certified through United Application Standards Group (UASG), and master certified through the PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance) and with more than one hundred, company-employed, installers we have the manpower available to offer decal installation at your location as a service.

That’s the Basics, but there’s more

Our customers are part of the TKO graphics family. As a member of your team we’re here to answer any and all questions including maintenance, warranty, and upkeep. With our standardized color calibration system, we can match future vehicle graphics to your existing fleet (that’s a problem for some providers.) Solutions for Poor Color Match. We’re here to serve you, and happy to do so. We want to build relationships. For example, we continue to work with our very first customer from more than 30 years ago. If you’d like join our family, let us know.

We hope this gives you an idea about the fleet graphics process. However, the basics are just the beginning. If you’d like to learn more try this free eBook, The Fleet Manager’s Guide to Fleet Graphics.