The answer to your question is yes, but there are limits. Vehicle graphics when properly installed can be an excellent way to protect the original finish of a vehicle. And there’s another point worth mentioning. I was talking with TKO Graphix president Tom Taulman II, about painted vehicle graphics vs. adhesive vinyl graphics. He mentioned a company that is well known for their branded color on their vehicles. An automobile manufacturer paints the vehicle especially for them at an extra charge near $5,000, and it doesn’t end there. When the vehicles are turned in at the completion of the lease, they must be repainted. In this scenario, it would be far less expensive to wrap the vehicle and remove the wrap at the end of the lease.

How Can a Vehicle Wrap Protect Paint

Exposure to sunlight – A full wrap protects the paint from sunlight and exposure to ultraviolet rays. UV rays can cause paint to fade especially dark colors and areas exposed to direct sunlight like hoods, trunks, and tops.

The elements – Vehicle graphics protect the original finish from the elements. The paint is shielded from ice, snow, and rain by the adhesive vinyl.

Harmful chemicals – Such as salt, petroleum- based products, and acidic atmospheric conditions don’t reach the paint where they could potentially cause harm. For example, prolonged exposure to salt will eventually lead to corrosion.


What Vehicle Wraps Won’t Protect

Damage – Accidents, scraps and damage caused by collision will affect both the wrap and the paint.

Poor installation – For example, if the vehicle graphic installer cuts too deep the paint can be scored. Likewise using heat improperly can damage the paint.

Cheap material – Using the wrong material for the installation could lead to problems when it comes time to remove the material, which can damage the paint. Cheap Vehicle Graphics


It’s More Than Just Protecting the Paint

A full vehicle wrap does more than protect the paint. It protects your investment. Three, five, even seven years down the road the original finish will still look brand new. And that translates into dollars. If you’d like to learn more, Contact Us, we’d be happy to help you protect your investment.

Note: The featured image is a pink BMW Tom Taulman II had wrapped, drove for 31 days to solicit contributions for Real Men Wear Pink, and is now back to it’s original white finish.