4 keys to finding a vehicle graphics provider that fits your needs. We’ve all made business decisions we’ve regretted. I’m in a bit of funk right now after I made a quick decision to move some of my publishing to a new site. It wasn’t what I expected. And that’s because I didn’t put enough effort into understanding what I wanted, nor did I do enough research about the new platform before I jumped to it.

But, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we research. Mistakes happen, and disappointment ensues. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Because even though research isn’t perfect, it does reduce risk. Here are several considerations when choosing a vehicle graphics provider that can help you find a company that fits your needs.

Finding a Vehicle Graphics Provider that Fits Your needs

  1. Time in Business

The first step in finding a vehicle graphics provider is checking time in business. How long a company has been in business doesn’t always translate to competency, but it doesn’t hurt. Established businesses should have years of happy customers, testimonials, even evangelist singing their praises. For example, TKO Graphix was founded in 1985, and if you check Google reviews, we currently have 61 at a 4.9 out of 5 rating. The reviews, 60 of which are from TKO customers, say more than about the work we do than anything we could say.

What our time in business does mean is that we’re not fly by night. We’ve been here and will be here when you need us for questions, service, or additional work.

According to the SBA (Small Business Administration), 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years. If you roll the dice with a newer business, you’re risking the chance that the company will not be there when you need help.

  1. Experience

Time in business may also translate into employee tenure and experience, but not always. So, it’s good to ask about the experience and tenure of the team that will design, produce, and apply graphics to your vehicles. Finding a vehicle graphics provider that will serve your needs depends on more than tenure.

If a business has survived for 15-20-25 years, it may be a good idea to ask why? What does the company do that has helped them achieve success? Is it customer service, quality product, competitive pricing, long-term loyal customers, or?

Experience isn’t one rank across the board. A company might be experienced at adhesive vinyl installation, but not design. Before accepting time in business as expertise find out the organizations level of competency in all aspects of the project – design, fabrication, and installation.

  1. Examples, Testimonials, and References

Ask the business for examples of their work. They should have an up to date portfolio. Follow up by searching online for testimonials and reviews. Next, ask the provider for client’s you can talk to. I doubt if any business would give you an unsatisfied customer to talk to, but it’s a good idea to ask someone who has dealt with the business their advice and opinion.

Here are a few questions to ask the reference:

  • Were they timely with communications and updates?
  • Did you request any changes and, if so, how did they handle them?
  • Were there any additional charges you were not initially made aware of?
  • Was the installation crew professional? Were they considerate, polite, and did they maintain a safe and clean work area?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Did it meet your expectations?
  1. Level of Service

Another consideration is knowing who’s responsible for every step of the job. I had a bad experience with a home remodeling company that didn’t stand behind their warranty blaming the subcontractors they’d hired for the shoddy workmanship on my home. And the same thing happens in our industry. So, be certain the provider stands behind every aspect of the job.

“Full service is when a business completes every stage of the product journey. For TKO Graphics that means design, fabrication, graphic removal, and installation. Does that mean we always complete every step? No, it doesn’t. What it means is we offer every step and do what’s best for our customers. For example, some client’s come to us with artwork and design in hand. We always check the formatting, but if the customer doesn’t need our design work, we don’t force it on them.

Another example is installation. Although we have more than 100 3M certified installers, we can’t always meet the needs of clients hundreds of miles from our operations. In that case, we rely on 3M certified applicators across the United States.

We have several we’ve built long-standing relationships with. Regardless whether it’s our design or employee installation we stand behind our product and honor our work and warranty, as President Truman said, the buck stops here.” — What is a Full-Service Vehicle Graphics Provider?

If you’d like help help finding a qualified provider try this site from international adhesive vinyl manufatureer and installation certifier 3M — Find a 3M Preferred Installer

Let Us Know If We Can Help

By doing a bit of research, you may save yourself time, money, and headaches. Finding a vehicle graphics provider that fits your need takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it. If you’d like to ask one of our loyal customers a few questions, Contact Us.

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