A few weeks ago four members of the TKO Graphix volunteer committee joined the staff of The Gathering Together for lunch and a tour of their grounds. All of us were surprised that a facility such as this was right under our noses at 147 Center St, in Plainfield—only a stone’s throw from our offices.

We were amazed with the work they do; not only their  labor of love, the hospice, but their community involvement. I was mesmerized with the building, as well as its furnishings, and décor. I need to say right now that I don’t have the words to describe The Gathering Together.  The best I can hope to do is to convince you to see for yourself.

How to Visit The Gathering Together

  • Every Thursday from 10 am until 3 pm is craft day at The Gathering Together. Participate in quilting, making jelly, constructing doggie mats, forming stepping stones, and more. No need to register just show up and bring some lunch or something to share.
  • You just missed The Gathering in the Garden in June with entertainment, a taco bar, beer and wine, and dessert, but there will be other events.
  • Stop in and visit the gift shop. Many of the crafts made on Thursdays are sold here, including Rita’s famous red pepper jelly.
  • September 16th join the staff for Soup’s On at the Gathering Together. It’s free soup, and I hear it’s wonderful.
  • Visit December 2nd and 3rd for a Holiday Open House. There are more Christmas trees and wreaths than can be counted.

What is The Gathering Together is All About?

“Rita Fiorentino traveled from San Francisco with a vision—a vision that manifested itself in 2002 when she founded The Gathering Together in Plainfield, Indiana.

A loved one’s decline in health always presents challenges, and sometimes it creates demands that families do not feel prepared to handle. That’s where The Gathering Together comes in.

We provide care, nurturing and support for end-of-life guests and their families, bringing peace and assistance throughout a turbulent period. Our services come free of charge.

We also host numerous community involvement activities, including craft workshops, classes, gardening and support and bereavement groups.” — The Gathering Together

Did I Mention the House?

Did I tell you about the house? Built in 1847 the home has been remodeled, and added on to, as well as preserved. It’s beautiful. The spiral staircase, woodwork, and stained glass windows would still be more than enough reason to visit.

And not only the house but the furnishings. The decorating style is eclectic, and it works. The Dutch have a concept called Hygge it means comfort but more. Hygge has been described as “coziness of the soul,” and that’s what The Gathering Together delivers. It’s cozy, comfortable, and calming. Like I said, you should visit and when you do you can:

The four of us sat and chatted with the staff, had a tasty lunch, toured the grounds, bought items from the gift shop, and then walked away after an hour and a half, with a new perspective, we were changed people.

Let’s Gather Together

If you’d like to visit The Gathering Together, and want company let me know. I’ll meet you there. I’ll be there this Saturday 8/26 at 9 am working in the gardens. Join me, we’ll gather together.