So, how can you measure the ROI of fleet graphics? There are several ways to accomplish this. I’ll share a few of them.

In a study by The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA),  Advertising, such as billboards and fleet graphics, reach 95% of Americans who are on the road. The question is, how can any business know if their fleet graphics are effective? How can they know the ROI?

A white paper shared by the shared by ATA (American Trucking Association) discovered that 75% of people developed a first impression about a company and its products from truck advertising. Furthermore, an impressive 91% of people stated that they not only noticed adverts on the side of trucks but could also remember them days later. Most importantly, however, the survey revealed that almost a third of people would base a buying decision on the impression they got from vehicle advertisements.

How Can You Measure the ROI of Fleet Graphics?

Use a Dedicated Phone Number

This is old school, but it still works. Use a phone number on your fleet vehicles that isn’t used anywhere else, and then track the calls, leads generated, and sales from this phone number.

Chose Where Prospects Land

This is a modern version of the dedicated phone number. Create a landing page that is only listed on your fleet vehicles and once again track leads and sales.

Create a Call to Action

Share a special offer such as first-time buyer discount, BOGO, or a free service. Track the response from inquiry to sale. “Vehicle graphics should promote action, through effective calls to action. Entice them, tell them what you do, and solve their problems. When you do this, customers will come calling. They’ll take action.” — How to Create an Effective Vehicle Graphic CTA (Call to Action)

Ask Prospects How They Found You

How Can You Measure the ROI of Fleet Graphics?

Asking a prospect how they heard of your business is the least accurate of these tracking methods because someone might see your truck, write down the web address, and then when asked how they found your business answer that it was the website.

It was the website, but they saw the fleet vehicle to learn of the website. Having said that, it does no harm to ask prospects how they heard of you.

Check the Stats

Checking statistics won’t inform you how your fleet graphics are faring as far as a marketing device, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. For example, impressions are the number of times an advertisement is seen, whether it’s a TV ad or fleet graphics. The stats can give you a good idea of how many people see your fleet graphics and the cost per impression.

Here are some stats on impressions (Statistics courtesy of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America):

  • A 30-second prime-time spot in the top 100 television markets costs $17.78 per thousand impressions
  • A 60-second drive-time ad in the top 100 radio markets costs $8.61 per thousand impressions
  • A one-third b/w page ad in the top 100 newspaper markets costs $22.95 per thousand impressions
  • A four-color one-page ad in the top 23 magazine publications costs $9.35 per thousand impressions
  • The average for all forms of billboard ads costs $2.18 per thousand impressions
  • Vehicle wraps cost $.77 per thousand impressions

So, How Can You Measure the ROI of Fleet Graphics?

So, how can you measure the ROI of fleet graphics? Can it be done? Yes, you can. It may not be perfect. However, if you use a dedicated phone line, create a separate landing page, promote a call to action, and ask prospects how they found you – you’ll have a pretty good idea.

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Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash