Wall graphics can make a significant difference in a work environment and positively affect the culture. Corporations have realized that work environment affects culture, which in turn affects production. Well-designed workspaces are also critical for employee retention and recruitment.

Central Nine Career Center Wall Graphic

Central Nine wall graphic installed on brick wall

At Central Nine Career Center, TKO Graphix installed wall graphics on a long brick wall at their facility. Before, the space was dull and boring, but after installing the vibrant graphic with shades of blue and teal, the drab gray brick wall transformed and made the space exciting and fun.



Where Can Wall Graphics Be Used?

Wall graphics may be used in place of traditional interior signage. At TKO Graphix, we use wall graphics in many different areas throughout our corporate office. From inspirational quotes in the offices of some of our executive level staff to using graphics on the endcaps of our fulfillment area shelving. There are so many areas to add life to your walls, here are a few places to think about.

  • Entrance / Lobby
  • Employee Break Rooms
  • Production Areas
  • Conference Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Restrooms

4 Ways to Use Wall Graphics to Boost Employee Morale

Try using these ideas in your office space to help boost morale and performance.

 1. A Community Wall

Creating a community wall with wall graphics can share an organization’s volunteer work. One of our favorite community wall graphics installation was for the measured marketing company PERQ. They used their wall to post images of their team volunteering in the community. PERQ also incorporated a large screen monitor and a calendar of upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. Here’s a short video about PERQ’s community wall. — PERQ: Creating a Community Wall with Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

2. Recognition Boards

Recognition boards promote a positive environment by recognizing and appreciating the contributions and achievements of teammates. Showing your appreciation has always been important but maybe even more so today.

Author Victor Lipman, in Psychology Today shared an employee survey taken during the pandemic. “These survey results were clear. Recognition still matters, arguably more now than ever. Sixty-four percent of employees felt recognition and appreciation were, “even more important while working from home.” — The Importance of Employee Recognition in a Pandemic

timeline wall graphics at Hendricks Power

Photo by Paul D’Andrea

3. Historical Timeline

Wall Graphics are a popular way to display the historical timeline of a business. The use of photos and typography can result in a beautiful tribute to the history of the company. This example of a historical timeline wall graphic was designed by Well Done Marketing, an Indianapolis marketing company, for Hendricks Power Cooperative. TKO Graphix was hired to install the wall graphics. They were comprised of historical images that run throughout the building. It’s like walking through a museum. It establishes a sense of pride, commitment, and purpose and one can’t help but be impressed.

4. Mission Statement and Core Values

Displaying your mission statement and core values with wall graphics is the perfect way to promote company culture. It not only sets the tone for customers that enter your business, but also serves as a daily reminder to employees about the philosophy and the common goals of the business. That’s powerful!

My Experience with Work Environments Affecting Employee Morale

More than 20 years ago, I took a new position at a small business overseeing an outbound call center. If you’ve ever worked in a call center, you know it’s demanding and can drain the life and energy out of you. Most calls don’t become leads with far more hang-ups than people who listen. Because of this, it’s easy to become negative, and it spreads around a room like a wildfire.

The Call Center was Drab and Cluttered

When I first visited the phone room at the call center, I was disappointed. It was worn down, drab, and cluttered. The training room was worse with water stains on the ceiling and wall from a leaky roof.

I spent my first week hiring new employees and the next week I was to begin their training. The Sunday before training, I spent the day in the training room cleaning and painting the walls a powder blue and the ceiling a bright white.

A Positive Difference

Monday afternoon, a few of the tenured telemarketers approached me about cleaning and painting the phone room of the call center. They had a group of them who would come in on Sunday to paint, as I had done. When they asked me what color they could paint it, I told them it was their choice.

The following Monday, I walked into a spotless phone room painted the brightest glossy pink I had ever seen. The telemarketing team smiled, and then several broke out in laughter.

Over the next couple of weeks, we added motivational posters, a recognition board, and fun photos. Our lead generation improved substantially, and our employee turnover plummeted. People enjoyed coming to this workspace. There were other factors but having a workspace that made people feel good was a big part of the success.

So, what’s this got to do with wall graphics? Think about it. If a little clean-up, a coat of paint, and a few posters can transform a workspace from an eight-hour jail cell to an inspirational work environment 20 years ago. Just think what can be done with the digitally printed adhesive vinyl wall graphics of today.

Ready to Get Started with Your Wall Graphics?

There are many of ways to use wall graphics to improve your work culture. What fits your culture? Would something fun and colorful work in your business or how about something more calming with inspirational quotes? Whatever fits the vibe of your culture, TKO Graphix can help create a lasting impression with customers while boosting employee morale.

Whether you have something in mind or need our creative services team design the perfect wall graphic for your space, we can help with design, print, and installation of your wall graphics. Your employees will love their new space!

To get started transforming your work space with wall graphics call TKO Graphix at 888-544-8051 or Contact Us online.

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